Chadron State Foundation Launches Crowdfunding


Photo Courtesy: CSC College Relations

The Chadron State Foundation has launched a crowdfunding platform, CSCrowdfunding, so donors can support student-led programs and campus initiatives.

The first round of crowdfunding has launched with the following projects: CSC Rodeo roping chute, Biking USA, Social Work conference, scholarships for Rising Sophomores, and CSC women’s wrestling.

The Rodeo team is raising funds for a new roping chute since the current one is 13 years old and needs to be replaced.

Biking USA is a group of students and faculty who plan to bike across the U.S. in the summer of 2022. Along the 4,000-mile route, students will complete a multidisciplinary capstone project encompassing their CSC education and experiences from the trip. Funds will help students with trip expenses and compensate them for missing a summer of work.

The third project is the 2021 Social Work Conference on Forgiveness Nov. 3. Donors have supported past conferences and the senior students in Social Work hope the new platform will open the opportunity to others.

Scholarships for Rising Sophomores is a fund to provide scholarship support for students who have gone above and beyond in a variety of categories during their freshman year. Award winners are nominated by faculty, staff, or peers.

The fifth project supports the recently announced CSC women’s wrestling program with support for scholarships and equipment.

Text CSCrowd to 71777 to make a gift to one of these crowdfunding projects

Ben Watson, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, said as CSCrowdfunding projects reach their goals, new projects will appear on the platform so supporters should check for updates.

All campaigns are reviewed and approved by the Foundation before appearing on the platform. Any group proposing a new funding opportunity should review the application information and FAQ on the web page and contact the Foundation at 308-432-6366 with questions.