Clean Harbors Considering Expanding Kimball Incinerator

     Officials with Clean Harbors, Inc. say the company is exploring possible expansion of its commercial incinerator south of Kimball.

       Senior VP of Corporate Communications Jim Buckley told KNEB News that no decision has been made about the proposal, which would involve building a second incinerator on the site,

    Buckley said if Clean Harbors does move ahead with the multi-million dollar plan and receives approval following a rigorous permitting and regulatory review process, the new unit would likely be completed in 2025. . 

      He says the company would work closely with the citizens monitoring committee in Kimball as well as local and state officials if the second incinerator gets the go-ahead. 

     Buckley says Clean Harbors currently has almost 200 employees at the Kimball incinerator, which began operations in 1995, while the new unit would add about 100 more permanent jobs. 

      The Kimball plant provides incineration, storage and transfer services to a wide range of customers in both the private and public sectors.