Coast-To-Coast Electric Scooter Trek To Raise Awareness Of Protecting The Environment Comes To The Panhandle

     A man riding across the United States on an electric scooter to call attention to the need to protect the environment passed through the Nebraska Panhandle on Monday.

    Alex Simon left Boston on April 24th and will follow U-S Hwy 20 all the way to its end at the Pacific Ocean in Newport, Ore – a distance 3,365 miles. Hwy 20 is the longest highway in the nation.

     Simon, who lives in Las Vegas, says he was inspired by his father, a prominent agronomist who passed away last November. 

       He felt after comparing his father’s zeal in advocating the protection of the environment with his own that his efforts in saving the planet had been “underwhelming.”

     Simon says he wanted and needed to do better than he had in the past if he wanted to continue his father’s legacy and to honor him. He decided to combine adventure and eco-activism, coming up with Scoot America to promote electric “micromobiles.’ 

     Simon says half of all car trips are 3 miles or less, making them perfectly suited for micromobiles such as electric scooters, eSkateboards, and eBikes. The result would be much less traffic and lower carbon emissions. 

      Scoot America is split into 6 segments with the Panhandle crossing the 4th, Sioux City, IA, to Casper. Simon passed through the Panhandle Monday afternoon. 

      The next segment starts Tuesday and runs through Sunday, taking him from Casper to Boise, Idaho. His last leg, from Boise to Newport, is set for next Monday through Thursday.

      Alex Simon is accompanied by a support team. Donations to help cover the cost of the trip including food, lodging, and gear can be made online at his website with Scoot America caps and t-shirts also available.