Crawford City Council Agenda Aug 23, 2022

CRAWFOR CITY COUNCIL August 23, 2022 at 6:30p.m.

Regular Council Meeting at 6:30 PM at Crawford City Hall

  1. Call to Order / Roll Call
  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  1. A copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted on the wall in the Council Chambers. It is also available in pamphlet form upon request from City Hall and can be found at:
  1. Approval of Minutes of August 9, 2022 regular Council Meeting and the August 11, 2022 budget workshop and excuse the absence of Council Member Kuhnel from the August 11, 2022 budget workshop
  1. Reports

Ponderosa Villa




Hospital Board



Chamber of Commerce

New Business

  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove amended Pay Apps #11 and #12 for Paul Reed Construction
  1. Open and award fuel bids for bulk non-highway diesel fuel, bulk unleaded gasoline, highway diesel fuel at the pump, unleaded gasoline at the pump, premium unleaded gasoline at the pump, and bulk propane
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove giving ownership and maintenance of ten City-owned street lights to NPPD
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove appointment of Lisa Stocker to the Library Board for the 2022 – 2026 term
  1. Approve attendance for required Public Transportation continuing education classes for Cindy Drinkwalter in Alliance, NE on August 24, 2022
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove addendum to the Agreement for Law Enforcement Services
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove ordering of two HVAC systems for community building from ARPA funds
  1. Approve bills and claims, transfers and requisition orders
  1. Adjournment