Crawford City Council May 14, 2024



May 14, 2024 6:00 PM PUBLIC LIBRARY 

1. Call to Order / Roll Call – Mayor Tom Phillips  

2. Pledge of Allegiance 

3. A copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted on the wall in the Crawford Public Library. It is also available in pamphlet form 

4. Approval of Minutes of April 23, 2024 Regular meeting and May 7, 2024 Special Meeting. 

5. Reports 


Park (Norman) 


Library (Blacksheep) 


Old Business 

6. Discuss/approve/disapprove bids/proposals from Snell and Fire Ice for bids for pool heater. 

7. Discuss/approve/disapprove proposal from Stacey Sweeney to perform work at the infiltration gallery. 

8. Discuss/approve/disapprove proposal from Suchor and Sons for stormwater curb inlets repairs at 1st and Elm Street and 3rd and Elm Street in the amount of $21,000.00. 

9. Discuss/approve/disapprove Change Order for Ronda’s New Waves concrete work in the amount of $1,500.00.

New Business 

10. Discuss/approve/disapprove part-time new hire and wages for the Transportation Department;  Tonita Groskopf – $13.00 per hour 

11. Discuss/approve/disapprove new hire and wages for seasonal park and cemetery help; Toni Jenkins – $12.00 per hour 

12. Discuss/approve/disapprove Water Department new hire Water Operator;  Edward Blacksheep – $20.00 per hour. 

13. Discuss/approve/disapprove seasonal golf clubhouse new hires and wages; Erika Peterson – $12.00 per hour  Madison Hinshaw – $12.00 per hour  Chris Klein – $12.00 per hour 

14. Discuss/approve/disapprove recommended wage increase for golf maintenance staff; Fay Hughes – from $12.00 per hour to $13.00 per hour  Fred Kruse – from $13.75 per hour to $14.00 per hour 

15. Discuss/approve/disapprove removal from probationary period for Dan Brien and Kevin Hall.  

16. Discuss/approve/disapprove obtaining a credit card for the Library for purchases from vendors who will not invoice.

17. Discuss/approve/disapprove pool painting bid from Waldo Goff in the amount of $5,700.00. 

18. Discuss/approve/disapprove NPPD contract for power pole relocation at the infiltration gallery in the amount of $811.80. 

19. Discuss/approve/disapprove proposal from Mobius for installation of a new phone system at City Hall in the amount of $5,872.86.

20. Discuss/approve/disapprove easement request for Pete Dunn for 510 Coates Street for construction of a garage. 

21. Discuss/approve/disapprove building permits approved by planning commission for the following: 140 Linn Street – Hazel Reinmuth/ storage shed installation   110 Elm Street – Mallory Morrell/privacy fence 

22. Discuss/approve/disapprove membership for the Northwest Nebraska Development in the amount of $1,200.00.

23. Discuss/approve/disapprove proposal for maintenance on generator for the infiltration gallery in the amount of $1,905.09. 

24. Discuss/approve/disapprove proposal for wastewater training for 3 employees to be held May 2, 2024 in Chadron for the following: Dennis Krotz, Dan Brien, Tim Schultz 

25. Discuss/approve/disapprove proposal from JCI for servicing pumps and replacement of one pump at the water plant in the amount of  $13,545.00. 

26. Discuss/approve/disapprove proposal from JCI for replacement parts for the water treatment plant in the amount of $2,350.00. 

27. Discuss/approve/disapprove purchase of rebuilt transmission from Levi’s Auto Recycling in the amount of $3,035.00 and removal and  reinstallation by Charlies Garage in the amount of $1,039.37 for the City’s 2013 Ram totaling $4,074.37.  

28. Discuss/approve/disapprove reimbursement to Randy Osborne for plumbing services from Juhlin Plumbing in the amount of $350.00  and from Pipe Works in the amount of $815.00 by Pipe Works Plumbing caused by sewer blockage in the City’s piping totaling  $1,165.00. 

29. Approve bills and claims, requisition orders and transfers 

30. Adjournment