Crawford Rock Shows Continues To Draw Fans And Vendors

      The 36th annual Crawford Rock Show continues its run through Monday in the Crawford City Park. 

      Long-time director Wade Beins says that in addition to the dozens of vendors offering polished stones, minerals, fossils, artifacts and jewelry there are 3 special events today- starting with another field trip to area agate beds

Beins says no registration is needed for the agate beds field trips today or tomorrow, just show up at the park by 8:00 and caravan to that day’s site in your own vehicle.

Beins says anyone planning on taking the field trip needs to prepare for both warm weather and unwelcoming terrain.

Beins says those who’d like to go out rockhounding on their own can get information and maps from the Rock Show information booth

     Northwest Nebraska and the tri-state area are known for a variety of minerals and fossils, but especially the Fairburn agate. The state gemstone of South Dakota, the Fairburn agate is among the most prized because of its colors and shapes of its bands. 

    The importance of the Fairburn agate to those attending the Crawford show is seen by the annual Fairburn Agate Collectors Gathering this afternoon at 2:00 in the Cameco Building.

Beins thinks the last event of the day, the Rock Auction at 7:00, may be the most important of the entire weekend because it provides the funding for the Rock Show.

Again, the agate-gravel beds field trips leave today and tomorrow at 8:00, the Fairburn Agate Collectors Gathering is at 2:00, the BBQ starts and 6:00, and the Rock Auction begins at 7:00