Crystal (Thunder Horse) High Hawk


Funeral services for 52-year old Crystal (Thunder Horse) High Hawk are Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 2:00 at the Messiah Episcopal Church in Wounded Knee, SD, with the Rev Harold Eagle Bull officiating and traditional Lakota services Sidney Has No Horse

Burial is at the Messiah Episcopal Cemetery in Wounded Knee

A three-night wake service starts Sunday, September 26, at 4:00 pm, also at the Messiah Episcopal Church in Wounded Knee.

Crystal L. (Thunder Horse) High Hawk was born on April 3, 1969 in Pine Ridge, SD to Robert E. Thunder Horse, Sr. and Lorene E. Hollow Horn. Crystal made her journey to the Spirit World on September 20, 2021 at the Avera-McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD.

Crystal is survived by her father, Robert E. Thunder Horse, Sr.; spouse, Eugene High Hawk, Sr., daughters, Michelle (Charlie, Jr.) Cummings, Nicole (Dustin) High Hawk, Angelina High Hawk, and Aquinnah (Anthony) High Hawk; sons, Warfield High Hawk and Spencer High Hawk; Hunka son, Mike Clifford; siblings, Roberta Thunder Horse, Robyn (Lewis) Thunder Horse, Bruce (Molina) Thunder Horse, Michael (April) Thunder Horse,  Robert Thunder Horse, Jr., and Tony Serbousik; and 13 grandchildren with 1 on the way.

Crystal was preceded in death by her son, Eugene Eric High Hawk, Jr.; mother, Lorene E. Hollow Horn; grandmothers, Rachel Rock and Mary (Bad Bear) Thunder Horse; grandfathers, Oscar Hollow Horn and Paul Thunder Horse, Sr.; uncles, Timothy Thunder Horse, Paul Thunder Horse, Sr., Stanley Hollow Horn, Albert Hollow Horn, and Glenn Hollow Horn; and aunts, Roslyn Little Bear, Irene Thunder Horse, and Gertrude Thunder Horse.

 Pallbearers will be Elaine Yellow Horse, Lynnette Yellow Horse, Jaime Keppel, Anthonia Good Lance, Joselyn Cummings, Aisha Helper-Brave, Wynette High Hawk, and Vonda Eagle Horse.

Honorary pallbearers will be Vana Todd & family, Joyce Last Horse & family, Naomi Black Elk-Last Horse & family, Beverly Last Horse & family, Dorothy Yellow Horse & family, Julie Shot to Pieces & family, Alice Sun Bear & family, Belnita Little Bear & family, Jolene Ten Fingers & family, Simone Hollow Horn & family, Mandi Hollow Horn & family, Martina Hollow Horn & family, Janice Jernigan & family, Melody Bolander & family, Kari Ose Euenson & family, Steve UpShur & family, Lisa Looks Twice-LaDeaux & family,  Delphine Eagle Hawk & family, Helen Red Feather & family, Pete Red Elk & family, Christina Martinez & family, Annie Clifford & family, Theresa Clifford-Monroe & family, Sherri High Hawk & family, Wayne High Hawk & family, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD