Dawes County Road Crews Working To Reopen Roads Closed Again By Second Storm


    An unknown number of Dawes County roads remain closed today, the result of renewed drifting caused by the high winds of the past couple days.

   . County Road Superintendent Wade Yada says fewer than 10 roads were still closed from last week’s blizzard when this week’s storm hit on Wednesday and shut down nearly all of them again. 

      Yada said last evening that more roads remain closed than are open and that it’s more difficult now to break through drifts because much of the snow in them has now turned to ice.

      Yada said crews will be out again today and hope to have more success with less wind and temperatures that will be more than 20-degrees warmer.

      He also reminds drivers not to ignore road closed signs because of the extra work stranded vehicles cause for his crews – adding that driving around a Road Closed sign can bring a $750 fine plus the costs of extrication.