Dawes County Veterans Honor Guard, Chadron Sharks Win “100 Women Who Care” Grants

      The Dawes County Veterans Honor Guard and the Chadron Sharks Swim Team are this year’s recipients of grants from the 100 Women Who Care About Chadron group.

     The 100 Women’s annual meeting Monday night heard presentations for projects from 5 different non-profit groups, then the members voted.

The Veterans Honor Guard was the top choice and received $10,000 with the the Sharks getting at least $5,000 as the runner-up.

    The exact amount for the Sharks will depend on how many of the more than 150 members of 100 Women made their $10 donations and voted this year.

     The Veterans Honor Guard is the area’s most visible veterans group as it provides military protocols at the funerals of veterans and active-duty members of the military as well as serving as the color guard in parades and a variety of special events. 

      This is the first year they’ve been nominated for a grant, much less received one. They plan to use the money to buy new uniform jackets and braid.

      Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gabby Michna, who made the nomination, says membership in the Honor Guard has turned over steadily as members have moved, died, or become physically unable to participate.

      Some of the current jackets need replacing after years and years of use while some Honor Guard members need jackets that provide a better fit.   

      The Chadron Sharks have been trying to raise money for an electronic timing system to use for swim meets ever since the Chadron Area Aquatics and Wellness Center was proposed. They received a grant for the system earlier this year and will use the new grant to hold a meet.

      The group says hosting a large meet will bring a nice economic boost to Chadron from meals, lodging, incidentals, and visitor spending by out-of-town competitors, their families, friends, and fans. 

      The 100 Women Who Care About Chadron has over 150 members who each contribute $100 each year that is pooled together to provide a $10,000 grant to one project. 

     The members over 100 allow the group to give out the smaller, but still significant $5,000 grant. 100 Women has now given out more than $85,000 to local non-profit organizations.

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