Devin Hughes Public Talk Wednesday Night At Sandoz Center

     Training and development expert Devin Hughes is at Chadron State College this week for the third time in the last 8 years and is speaking tonight at 7:00 in the Mari Sandoz Center. 

       The talk, titled Diversity and Inclusion, is free and open to the public. It’s sponsored by 4 CSC entities – Project Strive, the Student Senate, the Diversity Committee, and the Residence Life Association.

     Devin Hughes has two decades of experience in conflict resolution, generational differences, and culture change. He’s spoken to business leaders, government agencies, organizations and entrepreneurs in more than 15 countries.

      Project Strive/TRiO Director Jen Schaer says it’s exciting have Hughes back on campus as he shares about his life and how we, as individuals, can make change happen, just by communicating, being kind, positive and understanding others. 

      While he’s speaking to the public tonight, the rest of his 4-day stay at CSC is focused on the campus community – from challenging athletes to be above average to talking to students, faculty, and staff on diversity, equality and inclusion issues.

     Hughes, who has written 21 books, says he’s studied people and organizations that make lasting impacts and discovered patterns about how they think, act, and communicate. 

      His approach draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, and mindfulness.