Duane Yellow Cloud Sr


Funeral services for 52-year old Duane Yellow Cloud Sr are  Friday, June 2, 2023 at 11:00 at Father Pauly Hall in Porcupine, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Jerome LeBeaux

Burial is at St Julia’s Episcopal Cemetery in Porcupine, SD

A one-night wake service starts Thursday, June 1, at 11:30 at Father Pauly Hall in Porcupine.

Online condolences may be left at siouxfuneralhome.com

Duane Troy Yellow Cloud Sr “Wakinya Wicakico” was born on March 19, 1971 in Pine Ridge, SD to Jess Harris Yellow Cloud Jr and Winifred (White Face) Janis.  Duane made his journey to the Spirit World on May 21, 2023 in Rapid City, SD.

Duane is survived by his children Waniyetu and Duane Yellow Cloud of Rapid City, SD; Maka and Peta Yellow Cloud of Porcupine, SD; Luza Yellow Cloud of Manderson, SD; Kawita Yellow Cloud of Porcupine; Meksuya Yellow Cloud of Kyle; Iyuskinpwin Rowland of Sioux Falls, SD; Ohiniya Short Bull of Pierre, SD; and Hailey Kills Back of Evergreen, SD; grandchildren Azlynn and Stoney Yellow Cloud, Esmeralda Gay, Delilha Hill, Stormy & Wicapi Rowland, Kayson Pawnee Leggins, James Yellow Cloud-Gallagher, Jonny Bear Runner, Cadence Rouillard, and Athena & Isabel Perez; brothers Terry Yellow Cloud, Jesse “Skope” Yellow Cloud, Roger Yellow Cloud, Virgil Yellow Cloud, and Tony Ogden; sisters Violet Bear Runner, Wilma Yellow Cloud, Geneva Yellow Cloud, and Harriet Hollow Horn; uncle Barney White Face; and numerous nieces & nephews.

Duane was preceded in death by his father Harris Yellow Cloud Jr; mother Winifred White Face-Janis; sons Tate & Hoka Yellow Cloud; and brothers Manual and Steven Yellow Cloud.

Pallbearers will be Percy Lone Elk, Roger Mills, Joe Bear Runner, Douglas Anderson, Bosco Byrd, Ted Phelps, Edger Bear Runner, Jr, Josh Yellow Cloud, Shawn Hill, Brian Thunder Hawk, John Red Feather, and Weldon Spotted Eagle Sr.

Honorary pallbearers will be All Sundancers & Drum Groups, Thunder Valley Family, Eagle Mountain Singers, Mesu & Alfred Swallow, Babette & Ace Thin Elk & Family, Donny Has No Horse & Family, Scott & Shyloe Clifford, Mike & Stanley Little Boy, Dino Rouillard, Dave West, Sam Locke, Cory & Jeff Good Crow, Warfield Moose, Charity White Face, Manuel & Brenda White Face, Manuel Scout, Russ, Walt, & Wayne Cournoyer, Yamni Jack, Steve Shangreaux Sr & Jr, Tyson & Misun Mills, Tyler Lunderman, Ryan Jumping Eagle, Garfield Steele, Davy Pourier, Cat, Kyle & Alana Clifford, Gloria, Daryl, & Deet No Neck, Karen Red Elk & Family, Dar McBride, Georgia Hornbeck, Myrna Kills Back, Trav Mesteth & Family, Hermus Bettelyoun & Family, Jessica Heart & Family, Tyler Little Finger, Jesse Brewer, Alberta Miller, Ike Miller, Rick Two Dogs & Family, Mike & Nevada Brave Iron Boy & Family, Dennis Lone Elk & Family, Ruby Cross, Lonnie Iron Boy, Randall Lone Hill, Stanley Flying Hawk, Marty Wounded Foot, Dora Young Dog, Waverly & Diana Chief, Garrell Little, Jon Irving, Beau LeBeaux, Nellie Long & Family, Jay & Ron Parisian, Rick & Randi Grey Grass, Lori Yellow Boy & Family, Jake Ecoffey, Hobe Locke, Carrie Ann & Tanya Locke, Jose Marrufo, Clarence Rouillard Jr, Oscar Mendoza, Ronnie “Little Rock” Mesteth, Travis New Holy, Mugg, Dom, & Darren Cross, Rain & Josh Anderson, Shawn Lone Hill, Mike Carlow Jr & Sr, Steve Red Owl & Family, Jordan Phelps, Payton & Calvin Janis, Josh & Duane Chase Alone, Andy Pawnee Leggins, Stu Two Eagle, Iggy Jealous of Him, Jerry Lessert, Carla Cheyenne, Lorna Cuny, Tara & Warren Meeks, Nick & Mike Tilson, Clifford Anderson & Family, LeBeaux Family, White Eagle Family, White Face Family, Charging Hawk Family, Bad Hand Family, Pourier Family, Weston Family, Black Bull Family, White Plume Family, Bear Runner Family, Perez Family, Ross Family, Pawnee Leggins Family, Byrd Family, Reshaun Family, Cedar Face Family, White Eyes Family, Mills Family, Dakota Grassroot AIM, All Little League Teams, Porcupine Redman Softball Team, Tasunka Najin Softball Team, Journey On Outreach Team, Medicine Wheel Riders, MMIW Group, Brave Heart Women Society, NDN Collective, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD