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Eight Place At Younes Hospitality Open

Photo Courtesy/Noelle Meagher/CSC Sports Information

Eight Chadron State College men’s wrestlers placed on Saturday at the Younes Hospitality Open in Kearney, hosted at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds.

Three men placed in the Elite brackets, where primarily varsity wrestlers and veterans compete, while five were in the Amateur brackets against freshmen and junior varsity competition.

Junior Quentrevion Campbell was the runner-up in the Elite 133-pound competition. His route to the finals included victories by decision over NAIA No. 12 Alex Pena of Wayland Baptist and Division II No. 1 Reece Barnhardt. His loss in the finals came to a two-time NCAA Division I qualifier from Nebraska.

In the Elite 125 bracket, sophomore Quade Smith started off with a sudden victory win over NAIA No. 12 Johnathon Ortegon. He lost his third match 6-0, but came back through consolations to defeat No. 9 Patrick Allis of Western Colorado in the third place match.

Junior Ethan Leake was the other placer in the Elite brackets, at 141 pounds. Going 5-1, every match he wrestled was a simple decision, including a sudden victory win over No. 7 Grayston DiBlasi of Colorado School of Mines. He finished off with a 9-5 win over a Kearney wrestler in the third place match.

In the Amateur brackets, redshirt freshman Keegan Gehlhausen led the younger cohort by getting to the 184-pound finals, where he lost 13-11.

Freshmen Hunter Gilmore, at 141, and Logan Berger, at 165, both placed third by getting to the semifinals, losing a close decision, and then advancing through consolations. In Berger’s case, he came to the consolation semifinals having only wrestled four times, and his opponents had reached their match limits.

Freshman Hayden Burr was fifth in the 184-pound Amateurs, losing to Gehlhausen in the semifinal. Sophomore Darwin Hull fell to sixth in the same bracket after meeting his match limit in consolations.

The CSC wrestlers take the holiday week off of competition, before hosting a quad meet on December 4.

CSC Individual Results:

Elite 125

Quade Smith (CSC) Dec. No. 12 Johnathon Ortegon (Wayland Baptist (Texas)) (SV-1 4-2)
Quade Smith (CSC) Dec. Cevion Severado (Grand View (Iowa)) (2-1)
Jett Strickenberger (Northwest Kansas Technical College) Dec. Quade Smith (CSC) (6-0)
Quade Smith (CSC) pinned Christian Lopez (Colorado School Of Mines) (Fall 4:34)
Quade Smith (CSC) Dec. No. 9 Patrick Allis (Western Colorado University) (4-0)

No. 9 Patrick Allis (Western Colorado University) pinned Yusef Nelson (CSC) (Fall 0:48)
Jaden Verhagen (Mary) pinned Yusef Nelson (CSC) (Fall 4:44)

Elite 133

Quentrevion Campbell (CSC) Dec. No. 12 Alex Pena (Wayland Baptist (Texas)) (6-3)
Quentrevion Campbell (CSC) Dec. Brenden Barnes (Air Force) (SV-1 3-1)
Quentrevion Campbell (CSC) Dec. No. 1 Reece Barnhardt (Mary) (7-3)
Kyle Burwick (Unattached-Nebraska) TF Quentrevion Campbell (CSC) (TF 16-0)

Kobe Lepe (CSC) Dec. Alec Segarra (Nebraska-Kearney) (3-2)
Kyle Burwick (Unattached-Nebraska) pinned Kobe Lepe (CSC) (Fall 1:07)
Kobe Lepe (CSC) pinned Corbin White (Fort Hays State) (Fall 2:33)
Joseph Airola (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec. Kobe Lepe (CSC) (5-3)

Elite 141

Ethan Leake (CSC) Dec. Maximus Barajas (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) (5-2)
Laken Boese (Mary) Dec. Ethan Leake (CSC) (4-2)
Ethan Leake (CSC) Dec. Denim Torgerson (Colorado Mesa University) (6-0)
Ethan Leake (CSC) Dec. No. 7 Grayston DiBlasi (Colorado School Of Mines) (SV-1 6-4)
Ethan Leake (CSC) Dec. Ethan Krey (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) (5-0)
Ethan Leake (CSC) Dec. Daniel DeRosier (Nebraska-Kearney) (9-5)

Elite 174

Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) Dec. Cade Lindsey (Fort Hays State) (5-1)
Gage Musser (Air Force) Dec. Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) (7-4)
Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) pinned Grady Funk (Colorado Mesa University) (Fall 0:33)
Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) pinned No. 16 Joey Ewalt (Baker (Kan.)) (Fall 2:49)
Alex Reynolds (Grand View (Iowa)) MD Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) (Maj 13-4)

Elite 285

Mason Watt (CSC) pinned Levi Malcolm (Mary) (Fall 2:27)
Mason Watt (CSC) Dec. Ben Gould (Colorado State University – Pueblo) (SV-1 3-1)
Crew Howard (Nebraska-Kearney) MD Mason Watt (CSC) (Maj 9-1)
Mason Watt (CSC) pinned Anthony Atria (Colorado School Of Mines) (Fall 1:40)
Ben Gould (Colorado State University – Pueblo) won by medical forfeit over Mason Watt (CSC) (MFF)

Amateur 125

Sefton Douglass (Unattached-Western Wyoming) pinned Cooper Cohee (CSC) (Fall 1:51)
Cooper Cohee (CSC) Dec. Ian Balana (Western Colorado University) (10-8)
Ivan Lazo (Nebraska-Kearney) pinned Cooper Cohee (CSC) (Fall 2:40)

Amateur 141

Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) pinned Wyatt Skuodas (Morningside (Iowa)) (Fall 2:21)
Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) won by forfeit over Jace Long (Adams State) (FF)
Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) Dec. Jacob McCarley (Western Colorado University) (7-6)
Logan Branigan (Western Colorado University) MD Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) (Maj 14-4)
Ryker Johnecheck (Air Force) pinned Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) (Fall 3:55)

Hunter Gilmore (CSC) pinned Hayden Straumann (Southwest Minnesota State) (Fall 3:47)
Hunter Gilmore (CSC) pinned Jake Olsen (Northwest College) (Fall 1:44)
Hunter Gilmore (CSC) pinned Collin Creach (Newman) (Fall 2:51)
Hunter Gilmore (CSC) Dec. Elijah Olguin (Adams State) (SV-1 5-3)
Kole Biscoe (Air Force) Dec. Hunter Gilmore (CSC) (4-3)
Hunter Gilmore (CSC) Dec. Elijah Olguin (Adams State) (3-1)

Amateur 149

Brandon Paredes (CSC) TF Rojelio Loya (Colby Community College) (TF 18-3)
Brandon Paredes (CSC) Dec. Braydon Lemuz (Pratt Community College) (9-2)
Jakob Smith (Colorado School Of Mines) Dec. Brandon Paredes (CSC) (2-1)
Brandon Paredes (CSC) MD Tayton Ricard (CSC) (Maj 14-3)
Brandon Paredes (CSC) Dec. John Beau Hostler (Nebraska-Kearney) (2-0)
Brandon Paredes (CSC) Dec. Nikolas Slatoff (Unattached-Baker) (SV-1 8-6)
Brandon Paredes (CSC) and Travis Vialpando (Adams State) (DFF)

Reese Davis (Nebraska) pinned Adam Kruse (CSC) (Fall 1:33)
Adam Kruse (CSC) Dec. Tyler Fouts (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) (6-4)
Dylan Pickering (Adams State) MD Adam Kruse (CSC) (Maj 16-3)

Gabe Maki (Pratt Community College) MD Tayton Ricard (CSC) (Maj 11-1)
Tayton Ricard (CSC) pinned Quentyn Frank (Doane University) (Fall 0:23)
Tayton Ricard (CSC) pinned Amulek Partida (Northwest Kansas Technical College) (Fall 0:50)
Brandon Paredes (CSC) MD Tayton Ricard (CSC) (Maj 14-3)

Amateur 157

Jayden Luttrell (Western Wyoming College) pinned Colton Gehlhausen (CSC) (Fall 2:57)
Colton Gehlhausen (CSC) pinned Fernando Luna (Colorado State University) (Fall 2:25)
Roberto Bautista (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec. Colton Gehlhausen (CSC) (3-1)

Dylan White (CSC) Dec. Tyson Moffitt (Northeastern Junior College) (4-3)
Cameron Graham (Nebraska) pinned Dylan White (CSC) (Fall 0:47)
Dylan White (CSC) won by medical forfeit over Joseph Anderson (Southwest Minnesota State) (MFF)
Dylan White (CSC) MD Brock Chapman (Ottawa University) (Maj 12-2)
HM Carlos Meza (Sierra College) pinned Dylan White (CSC) (Fall 6:59)

Amateur 165

Logan Berger (CSC) pinned Aj Salinas (Doane University) (Fall 5:32)
CSCLogan Berger (CSC) Dec. Tristin David (Colorado School Of Mines) (8-2)
Logan Berger (CSC) Dec. Caden Dobbins (Air Force Prep) (4-3)
Cayleb Atkins (Pratt Community College) Dec. Logan Berger (CSC) (4-2)

Amateur 184

Chase Stieb (Doane University) MD Morgen Watt (CSC) (Maj 13-2)
Cody Todd (Northwest College) pinned Morgen Watt (CSC) (Fall 5:48)

Hayden Burr (CSC) Dec. Remington Winmill (Colorado State University – Pueblo) (7-6)
Hayden Burr (CSC) TF Spencer Rochelle (Ottawa University) (TF 16-0)
Hayden Burr (CSC) pinned Blake Jouret (Pratt Community College) (Fall 2:39)
Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) MD Hayden Burr (CSC) (Maj 13-3)
Connor Davis (Northeastern Junior College) pinned Hayden Burr (CSC) (Fall 6:07)

Tate Kuchera (Nebraska-Kearney) pinned Darwin Hull (CSC) (Fall 0:50)
Darwin Hull (CSC) pinned Dereck Samudio (Unattached) (Fall 2:04)
Darwin Hull (CSC) pinned Terungwa Unongo (Doane University) (Fall 5:33)
Darwin Hull (CSC) TF Spencer Rochelle (Ottawa University) (TF 18-3)
Darwin Hull (CSC) pinned Lucas Arthur (Northeastern Junior College) (Fall 1:07)
Darwin Hull (CSC) MD Brian Thorpe (Air Force Prep) (Maj 12-0)

Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) MD Pratt Williams (Western Colorado University) (Maj 11-0)
Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) TF Zaire Ridley (Doane University) (TF 15-0)
Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) TF Lucas Arthur (Northeastern Junior College) (TF 18-1)
Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) MD Hayden Burr (CSC) (Maj 13-3)
Parker Gasser (Western Colorado University) Dec. Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) (13-11)

Amateur 197

Bryan Zutavern (CSC) pinned Michael Sanner (Benedictine College) (Fall 1:49)
Bryan Zutavern (CSC) pinned Jaron Alf (Ottawa University) (Fall 3:59)
Angel Fuentes (Northeastern Junior College) Dec. Bryan Zutavern (CSC) (5-4)
Bryan Zutavern (CSC) Dec. Brandon Knoles (Colby Community College) (8-7)
Tre Daro (Nebraska-Kearney) pinned Bryan Zutavern (CSC) (Fall 1:46)

Amateur 285

Cade Whish (Colorado School Of Mines) Dec. Nate Meza (CSC) (5-3)
Nate Meza (CSC) pinned Christopher Walker (Bethany (Kan.)) (Fall 1:26)
Levi Kerner (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec. Nate Meza (CSC) (6-0)

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