Everett Little Whiteman


Funeral services for 81-year old Everett Little Whiteman are Monday, Oct 17, 2022 at 2:00 at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Hall in Kyle, SD, with the Rev Cordelia Red Owl and Annie Montileaux officiating and traditional Lakota services by Darla Black

Burial is at St Barnabas Episcopal Cemetery in Kyle

A one-night wake service starts Sunday, Oct 16, at 1:00 at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Hall in Kyle.

Everett Little Whiteman was born Feb. 26, 1941 and raised in the Kyle-No Flesh area on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to Louis & Betty Little Whiteman.  Everett made his journey to the Spirit World on October 6, 2022 in West Wendover, NV.

Louis and Betty raised eleven children and Everett was the 8th child out of 11 children. 

Everett  worked in Law Enforcement for over 48 years, retiring in 2011 before the passing of his wife, Madelyn Rose.

He received his education and training from numerous places including Kyle Day School, Pine Ridge Boarding School, Huron College, Oregon Police Academy, BIA Police training, Federal law enforcement training center, and the FBI National Academy.

While working in Law Enforcement, Everett earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Criminology. He always encouraged everyone to get an education, he was a huge supporter of education. 

Everett worked for many agencies in many places in his life and especially his law enforcement career.

Those include Boeing (Rapid City), OST Police Dept. (Pine Ridge, SD), Scapoose Police Dept. (Oregon), BIA-Captain of Police (Crow Creek reservation), Criminal Investigator (San Carlos Apache), Supervisory Criminal Investigator (Billings, Mt.), BIA-Chief of Police (Northern Ute, Ft. Duchesne, UT.), BIA-Criminal Investigator (Albuquerque, NM), BIA-Chief of Police (Keams Canyon, AZ.), BIA-Supervisory Criminal Investigator (Phoenix, AZ.), Criminal Investigator (Salt River Tribe-Phoenix, AZ.), Chief of Police (White Mountain Apache-AZ.), OST Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety (Pine Ridge, S.D.).

Everett was well-respected in Indian Country for his service in Law Enforcement and for being a role model and mentor to many young cops throughout his years. He will be remembered.

Everett was preceded in death by his parents Louis & Betty Little Whiteman; his wife Madelyn Rose Little Whiteman; and his two youngest sons Christopher Little Whiteman and Edward Everett Little Whiteman. 

Everett is survived by his three remaining children Vincent Louie Little Whiteman of Wounded Knee, SD, Gregory Little Whiteman Sr of West Wendover, NV, & Madeline Joan Little Whiteman of Rapid City, SD.

He is also survived by his grandchildren Lamont Little Whiteman, Keenan Little Whiteman, Darin Little Whiteman, Colette Little Whiteman, Tristan Little Whiteman, Tiffany Honyumptewa, Troy Honyumptewa, Renae Blackwater, Arlena Little Whiteman, Lilith Little Whiteman, Greg Little Whiteman Jr, Wilson Perry, Toby Perry, Joshua Little Whiteman, Sergio Little Whiteman, Jazmine Little Whiteman, Aiden Little Whiteman, Sky Little Whiteman, Rain Little Whiteman-Goode, and Kadence Little Whiteman-Goode; and by several great-grandchildren.

Pallbearers will be Greg Little Whiteman Jr, Everett Rising Sun Little Whiteman, Rain Goode, Nathaniel Red Owl, Darrol Little Whiteman, Rodney Mesteth, Darryl “Sammy” Apple, Glen Gibbons, Darla Black, and Ron Duke.  

Honorary pallbearers will be all friends & relatives. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD