Fire Destroys Alcova Resort Marina Building


Courtesy Photo

        The Natrona County Sheriff’s Office and the Natrona County Fire District are investigating the cause of a fire yesterday morning that destroyed the Alcova Resort lakeside marina at Lake Alcova northwest of Casper.

     Authorities have not described the fire as “suspicious in nature,” but the Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in the investigation with any video or photos of the fire before emergency personnel arrived a little before 5:30 am.

      The area around the burned building was cordoned off with crime scene tape to protect the integrity of the investigation, but officials say that was at least in part because the Marina’s 4th of July entertainment and fireworks show was held anyway..

       Even with the tape up, the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office issued a stern warning that anyone violating the line faced the possibility of citation or arrest because “The Marina is still an active crime scene.”

       Officials said the problem was the number of people crossing the barriers to look at and photograph the remains of the building.