Fire In Bessey Ranger District Continues To Grow

      Crews made good progress today on the Road 201 East Fire, ignited by lightning on the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey.

     No new size or containment estimates have been released to the fire, which grew from 115 acres Wednesday afternoon to an estimated 4,100 acres last night as it advanced about 2 miles to the east and expanded to the south.

      The southward movement merged with another fire triggered by lightning, the re-ignited Whitetail Fire just north of the Whitetail Campground, but fire officials say it actually helped efforts to hold the fire north of the Dismal River. 

      Additional crews that arrived yesterday helped reinforce established fire lines and reinforce the perimeter, extinguishing hot and smoldering material along the perimeter and cutting down hazard trees that posed a safety risk to firefighters.

     More favorable weather conditions were allowing crews to concentrate today’s efforts on holding the fire within the established perimeter.

   The Bessey Ranger District remains closed for the weekend for safety reasons and the public is reminded to stay out of the burn area. 

      They’re also reminded that drones are prohibited in the area of the fire and that any are spotted, the helicopters and aerial tankers fighting the fire must land – slowing the firefighting effort.