Former Bridgeport Man Shot To Death In Missouri


       A Bridgeport High School graduate has been identified as the man shot and killed outside a Walmart in Springfield, MO, over the noon hour Wednesday.

33-year old Tanner Stichka, who was living in Springfield, died at the scene.

       The Springfield Police Department says on its Facebook page that officers were called to the store shortly after noon and found Stichka with a gunshot wound. He was given emergency aid, but did not survive. 

       A 45-year-old Bentonville, AR, man was arrested on suspicion of 2nd degree murder, but no details have been released about the shooting. 

       Authorities say the case is being reviewed by the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office to determine if charges will be filed.

      In a related story, Stichka’s dog Zeke was found in his car near the store about 90 minutes after his master had died. The car was unlocked and Springfield police were able to get him out and take him to a vet. 

       Officer Victoria Myers sat with Zeke at the vet’s until he was admitted for the night and a Good Samaritan donated $100 for his care. 

      In the morning, two other officers took Zeke to his regular vet’s where he was checked out and picked up by Stichka’s family. Zeke is described as doing well.