Game And Parks Confirms Gering Videos Show Mountain Lion


courtesy photo via KNEB/RRN

     Nebraska Game and Parks has confirmed that big cats caught on a pair of early morning surveillance videos in Gering in the last two weeks were mountain lions, but they don’t know if it was one lion filmed both times or two different animals.

      The first video was from a doorbell camera on March 9th near Oregon Trail Park while the second was this past Sunday west of Gering High School.

Searches by Gering police and Game and Parks staffers failed to locate a mountain lion either time.

     Both police and Game and Parks officials are reminding residents that mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, but are increasing in frequency.

      They also say that if you do spot a mountain or capture it on video, contact Game and Parks or local law enforcement immediately.

       The Game and Parks mountain lion response plan calls for killing, if it can be done safely, any animal found within city limits to ensure the safety of the public.