Garnette Titus Sr

Funeral services for 49-year old Garnette Elliot Titus Sr are Monday, Feb 21, 2022 at 1:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD.

Burial is at the Holy Cross Episcopal Cemetery in Pine Ridge

A one-night wake service starts Sunday, Feb 20, at 2:00, also at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge 

Garnette Elliot Titus Sr was born on April 23, 1972 in Pine Ridge, SD to Tilmer Titus and Arlene (Goings) Means.  Garnette made his journey to the Spirit World on February 9, 2022 in Pine Ridge, SD.

Garnette is survived by his children, Misty Titus, Douglas Goings-Brown, Jeremy Two Crow, Benjamin Michael, Tyanna Slow Bear, Garnette Eliot Titus Jr, Dallas Titus, Dylan Titus, and Amberly Sutton; sisters, Annette (Brad Hawk) Irving, Rebecca Runs Above, and Jaime Goings; hunka mother, Wilma Colhoff; nieces & nephews, Arlene Bagola, Valance Bagola, Lana Bagola, Wiconi Runs Above, Summer Runs Above, Whisper Runs Above, Caidence Runs Above, Brianna ‘Sky Goings, and Marleigh Goings; and significant other, Miranda Childress.

Garnette was preceded in death by his parents,  Tilmer Titus and Arlene (Goings) Means; daughter, Jasena Rose Titus; brother, Ronald Jason Titus; grandparents, Etta (Hand Soldier) Goings and Garnette Pete Goings, Sr.; uncles, Floyd and Richard Hernandez, and Warfield Milo Goings; and aunt, Marion (Goings) Cedar Face.

Pallbearers will be Daryl “Chipper” Goings, Sr., Julian Goings, Mark Goings, Jr., Valance Bagola, Paul Twiss, Jimbo Colhoff, Ken Walking Eagle, Sean Poor Bear, Jacob Martin, Chris Walking Eagle, Donald McMillon, Jr., Joe Pulliam, Waylon Janis, and RJ Ringing Shield.  

Honorary pallbearers will be His Bingo Buddies Jerry Bordeaux and Larry Running Hawk; hunka sisters and their families, Renita, Babe, & Shannon Poor Bear, Pris & Vanessa Bad Milk; his hunka brothers, Jimbo Colhoff, Sean Poor Bear, Manuel Bad Milk, Heath and Newton Two Two, Vee, Eileen, Cora, & Terri Janis, Daus & Marlys Rabbit, Stef Little Bear, Marvin Hernandez, Ken & Kevin Walking Eagle, Ival & Pat Janis & Families, Rita Big Crow & Family, Trisha Mousseaux & Family, Tiny DeCory & Family, Dusty Nelson & Family, Louise White Butterfly & Family, Joyce Goings & Family, Bordeaux Family, Lester Waters & Family, Clarence Walking Eagle & Family, George Dreamer, Sr. & Family, Gena Red Hair, Biloria Pulliam & Family, Toni Colhoff & Family, Cheryle White Rabbit, Clarice Bettelyoun & Family, Francine & Richie Little Bear, Mona Lisa Richards & Family, Dereck Marks, Carol Orkurek & Family, Isaiah Poor Bear, Cory Brown, Rusty Lynn, Tom, & Ivan Janis, Helen Richards, Rayette Black Elk, Alvin & Marla Janis, Red Fawn, O.D. Janis, Goings Family, Gloria & Choke Goings, Lana Bagola, Arlene Bagola & Family, Barb Brewer, Betty Goings & Family, Lashell, Jessica, Trevor, & Cante Poor Bear, Wanda Donovan & Family, Marge & Raymond Hernandez & Family, North Ridge Crew, Public Safety, Donna Rae Richard, Gary Richards & Family, John “Binky” DuBray & Family, Celest & Toni Kendall & Family, Judy DuBray & Family, Joyce Red Bear & Family, Aunt Sophie Holy Eagle, Cedar Face Family, and All Friends & Relatives that we may have forgot, please forgive us.  

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD