George Guerue Sr – UPDATE Date Change

Funeral services for 83-year old George Louis Guerue Sr are Sunday, Jan 1, 2023 at noon at the He Dog School Gymnasium in Parmalee, SD, with Dennis Quigley officiant.

Burial is at the Iron Wood Cemetery in Parmelee.

A two-night wake service starts Fri, Dec 30, at 1:00 CT at the He Dog School Gymnasium. 

George Louis Guerue Sr was born on March 18, 1939 in Rosebud, SD to Phillip Guerue and Victoria White Thunder. George Sr made his journey to the Spirit World on December 15, 2022 at his home in Parmelee, SD. 

George is survived by his daughters Sharon Guerue, Mary Guerue, Georgia “Dete” Guerue, Rose Guerue-Elk Looks Back, and Lisa Shott; sons Harlan Guerue Sr, Daniel Guerue Sr, Leo Guerue Sr, Torrie Guerue Sr, and Teo G; sister Marie Guerue-Hernandez; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

George was preceded in death by his mother Victoria White Thunder; father Phillip Guerue Sr; spouse Violet Marie Guerue; sons George Guerue Jr and Homer Two Teeth Jr; and siblings Evelyn (Marvin) Guerue-Douville, Phillip (Edna) Guerue Jr, Ramona (Alex) Guerue-Hernandez, and Alverda (Bill) Guerue-Beck

Pallbearers will be Bruce Iron Shell, Jerome Eagle Bear, Leon Wright, Jason Little Elk, Shawn Boyd, Franklin “Brucie” Young, Tristen Spotted Tail, and Leo Guerue Sr. 

Honorary pallbearers will be RST Road Dept Office Staff, Wiconi Kills Warrior, Leandra Sharpfish, Shauna Provancial, Alesha Runnels, Dennis & Linda Quigley, Brother Albert Yuzicapi, Robert “Bob” Boyd Sr, David & Ella Lays Bad, Sammie Waln, Joe & Susan Kary, Clint Richardson, Terry Johnson, Scott & Jill Mulder, Sherman Wright, Yancy & Victoria Gunhammer, Bobby Beck, Sidney Reddest Sr, Travis Vaad, Jemaine Pearson, Dave Garcia, Andy & Tonya Marthaler, Kenzie Driggers, Darrell Douville, Jody (Waln) & Rodney Bordeaux, Willard Henry Sr, Randy & Karen Failor, Leonard & Tracy Hernandez, Fred Caroll, Paul Guerue, James Rattling Leaf, Tray White Haw, Amber Elk Looks Back, Steve & Tiana Guerue, Robert & Eileen Shot, Helen Flood & Family, Thomas Bordeaux, All Churches, Ministries, and Partner Organizations with the Chief Cornerstone Ministry, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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