Geraldine Blue Bird


Funeral services for 67-year old Geraldine Blue Bird of Sat March 18, 2023 at 9:00 AM at the On Common Ground Church in Rapid City, SD. 

A visitation will follow from 1-2:30 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge.

Burial is at the  Spotted Elk/Blue Bird Family Cemetery in Slimbuttes, SD

A two-night wake service starts Thursday, March 16, at the On Common Ground Church in Rapid City, SD.

Geraldine Mae Blue Bird “Toka Kokipapi Win” ~ Enemy Scared of Her ~ was born on September 17, 1955 in Pine Ridge, SD to Robert Blue Bird-Grabbing Bear and Emily (Holy Rock) Blue Bird. Geraldine made her journey to the Spirit World on March 2, 2023 in Fort Worth, TX.

Geraldine is survived by her daughters Bobbie Spotted Elk, Aaliyah Spotted Elk, Dawnee Frogg, Tonya Elk Boy, Juanita Broken Leg and Mary Little Dog; sons Collin Spotted Elk Jr, Jaydee Spotted Elk, Flint Red Feather, Selam and Clarence Behan, Isaac Caldwell, Howard Blue Bird, Travis Elk Boy, Justin Hawk Wing and Cole Spotted Elk; son-in-law, Lyle Blue Legs Jr; and numerous, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Geraldine was preceded in death by her husband Collin Spotted Elk Sr; parents Robert Blue Bird-Grabbing Bear and Emily (Holy Rock) Blue Bird; siblings Joann Belt, Jerry Belt, Mervin Kills Enemy, Ione, Tillie (her twin), Robert and Roberta Kills Enemy (twins), Bryon Blue Bird, Edna Apple, and cousin/brother Gaylord A. Catches Sr; 2 babies (in infancy), children Kathy Red Feather, Terry Red Feather, and Reuben Spotted Elk; maternal grandparents Polly Bird Necklace/Holy Rock and Jonas Holy Rock; granddaughters Abby Bell, Takini Bell, Joyce Bell, Bernice Spotted Elk, and Stella Caldwell; grandsons Joseph Behan, Devon Caine Elk Boy, Floriberto Parra-Munoz, and Russell Caldwell; and nieces Donna Sue Good Shot and Debra Kay Bell. 

Pallbearers will be Icamna Spotted Elk, Brian Makes Him First, Ace No Braid, Anthony Brown Otter, Randy White Horse, Wambli Spotted Elk, Ryan Blue Bird, Darrell Spotted Elk Jr, Harrison Caldwell, Daryl Goings, Santiago Parra-Munoz, Sage Richards and Wes Cottier.

Honorary pallbearers will be Bob Pat Richards, Shirley Richards & Family, special friends-Miguel, Camille, and Klara Bald Eagle-Loafer & Family, Trav & Marvella Richards & Family, Frances, Stephanie, and Darrell Spotted Elk Jr & Family, Vina Janis & Family, Paulette Moore & Family, Robert Red Shirt & Family, Antoine Blue Bird & Family, Jackie, Susan, and Mary Anne King & Family, Amy Yarber & Family, Doris Respects Nothing & Family, Jules & Lelani Frias & Family, Tiffany, Lane, and Randy Hill, Shyla Red Feather & Family, Priscilla Olivarez & Family, Juliana, Robert, Filemon, Briano, Belecya & Esrah Parra-Munoz & Family, Wilma & Babette Thin Elk & Family, Valentina & Bryan Makes Him First & Family, Rosie Cottier & Family, Alberta Richards & Family, Helen Buckman & Family, Lee & Tiny DeCory & Family, Red Fawn Janis & Family, Mozella Alberts & Family, Beatrice “Chic” Big Crow & Family, Charlotte Frogg & Family, Marissa Macedo & Family, Elizabeth & Jeanette Richards, Rhiannon, Rhoda, AJ, Luke, Tyrone, Al Bell & Family, Tawney, Connie, Mona, and Holly Wilson & Family, Jesse, Jake, and Annabelle Hand & Family, Daryl & Candy Red Shirt & Family, Sam & Dan Hand & Family, Donna Towers & Family, Alcapone White Calf & Family, Henry Red Cloud & Family, April, Patty, and Spanks Stoldt & Families, Diane, Dee, Sarah, Samantha and Baby Jay DuBray & Families, Whitney Zephier & Family, Collin Spotted Elk III, Ginger Richards & Family, Theresa Kay, Carla, Lisa, and Cheyenne Blue Bird & Families, Jim Richards & Family, All the Ladies from FMC Carswell in Fort Worth, TX and throughout the B.O.P. special thanks to the Cornerstone Mission (Lysa and her administrative team), and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD