Gosch Releases Names Of Impeachment Study Committee


      South Dakota House Speaker Spencer Gosh has named the six Republicans and two Democrats who will join him in looking into the possible impeachment of state Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg at a special session next week.

      The committee includes a mix of Ravnsborg’s political allies and those who have called for his ouster since he hit and killed 55-year old Joseph Boever of Highmore in September of last year as Boever walked along a rural highway. 

      Gosch and his committee will review the case and decide whether Ravnsborg’s actions justify drafting articles of impeachment. If they do, the panel will submit the articles of impeachment to the full house.

       If a majority of representatives approve the articles, the state senate will try Ravnsborg on those articles. 

     In a related story, the sheriff who responded to Ravnsborg’s 911 call after the accident and loaned him his personal vehicle to drive back to Pierre before Boever’s body was found has died.

      The Hyde County Sheriff’s Office has declined to release details yet about the death of 69-year old Mike Volek, but plans to issue a statement, Volek had been sheriff for 22 years.