Governor Ricketts Issues Patriot Day Message

      Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has issued his annual message for 9/11, now Patriot Day. 

        “21 years ago, the United States endured the shocking terrorist attacks of 9/11. No one old enough to remember that day will ever forget it.” 

      “While 9/11 evokes sorrow, it also calls to mind the courageous patriotism of Americans. Firefighters raced into the burning Twin Towers and up stairways to rescue those trapped inside the buildings.  

     First responders searched through debris and tended to the wounded while struggling to breathe due to thick clouds of ash and dust. And passengers aboard Flight 93 sacrificed their lives to prevent hijackers from using the plane as a weapon. Our nation will forever be inspired by these acts of valor.”

    “After 9/11, there was grave concern that more attacks on stadiums, shopping malls, or schools were imminent, but that’s not what happened. Americans were kept safe.  Flights resumed.  We returned to concerts, movies, and sporting events.  Our lives normalized.”

    “This didn’t happen by chance.  Heroes from across the country took the fight to the enemy, deploying halfway around the world to disrupt and dismantle terrorist networks.  Their brave sacrifices protected our freedoms and restored peace and security here in America. 

      On this anniversary of 9/11, we remember all of the patriotic women and men who gave their lives in Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-2014) and Operation Freedom’s Sentinel (2015-2021).”

     “The United States is the greatest nation on earth because of the dedication of those who bravely step up to protect our country. We’re blessed by the thousands of patriots—past and present—who have served in the Armed Forces, national intelligence community, law enforcement, and as first responders. Thank you to the Nebraskans who’ve served in these capacities.”