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Happy Constitution Day

      Today is Constitution Day, marking the date in 1787 when the U-S Constitution was ratified, replacing the Articles of Confederation.

     Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has once again issued his annual message for Constitution Day

     “Since its signing in 1787, the U.S. Constitution has served as the enduring foundation of our democratic republic.  

    On Constitution Day, we celebrate the freedoms the Constitution guarantees and renew our commitment to pass them on to future generations.

    While celebrating this great day, Americans should consider our civic duty to uphold our constitutional liberties.  When I reflect on our Constitution, I am reminded of a story told about Benjamin Franklin immediately after its signing.  

    As he walked out of the Constitutional Convention, a lady asked him, ‘Well, Doctor, what have we got—a republic or a monarchy?’  ‘A republic,’ replied Franklin, ‘if you can keep it.’

    Our Republic doesn’t run on autopilot.  It takes the dedicated patriotism of Americans to keep the flame of liberty burning bright.  As we celebrate the Constitution, let’s redouble our efforts to preserve the freedoms enshrined in this great document.”

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