Happy New Year – Again


      Yesterday was New Year’s Day, but because it was a Sunday, today is the legal holiday.

All government offices – city, county, state, and federal – and financial institutions closed. There is no mail delivery and schools are still on holiday break.

     The Chadron City Council would normally meet tonight as the first Monday, but instead will meet tomorrow night at 6:00. 

    The Tournament of Roses Parade or just The Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif, is normally on New Year’s Day, but its original agreement with the city says no parade or bowl game on Sunday so both are today. 

     Helping celebrate both the game and parade will be a B-1B bomber out of Ellsworth Air Force Base near Rapid City.

      The nation’s only supersonic bomber will perform a slow-speed flyover of both events – a mission the Pentagon says is designed to demonstrate the plane’s long-range capabilities. 

     The B-1 from the 28th Bomb Wing is a stand-in for the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, which has provided the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade flyovers in recent years.

    . An in-flight malfunction early last month forced a B-2 on a training mission in Missouri to make an emergency landing, during which it caught fire and suffered extreme damage. 

   That led the Air Force to put all the B-2s on a temporary “safety pause,” grounding them while military personnel investigate the incident and run safety checks to make sure the malfunction was an isolated incident.