High-Tech Peeping Tom Arrest In Omaha Suburb


      An Omaha-area man is in the Sarpy County Jail, accused of being a high-tech Peeping Tom after allegedly using a drone to shoot videos of women through windows. 

     27-year old Jamal Gloe of Papillion was formally charged last Thursday with two felony counts of intentionally filming without consent.

He also faces two trespassing counts.. His bond is set at a quarter of a million dollars.

       Investigators determined that on two separate occasions, Gloe used his drone to shoot footage through windows of private residences that had open blinds. Authorities allege he filmed an adult female and a juvenile female in various stages of undress.

       Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis said the drone was found in a backyard and that a check of the SD card showed images of the 2 women filmed through a window.” 

     After obtaining a search warrant, investigators identified Gloe as the pilot. Sheriff Davis said he was told the drone was fairly inexpensive and that all that was done to modify it was to cover up its light

     Davis also said that  “20 years ago, a peeping Tom had to be somewhat brazen, and today, not so much” because drones and other technology allow them to operate remotely.

     The sheriff said living on the fourth floor of an apartment complex or in a gated community doesn’t guarantee the level of privacy it used to because of devices like Gloe’s.