Highways Still Listed As Closed In The Northern Panhandle


     Chadron remains officially cut off by road with closures of Hwy 20 from Lusk to Kilgore and Hwy 385 from the South Dakota line to Alliance.

     The same is true for the Hwy 20 towns Gordon, Rushville, and Hay Springs with their north-south highways closed 

    Closed are Hwy 27 from the South Dakota line through Gordon to Hwy 2, Hwy 87 from the state line to Rushville and Hwy 250 from Rushville to Hwy 2, and Hwy 87 from Hay Springs to Alliance with Link 7E is closed from Hwy 87 to Hemingford.

    Hwy 29 between Harrison and Mitchell isn’t listed by the state as closed, but the state does list about 30 locations on the road where citizens have called in closures.

     Hwy 71 from the South Dakota line to Scottsbluff and Hwy 2 from Hemingford to Hwy 71 has no closures reported, just pavement partially covered by snow.

     Hwy 61 from the South Dakota line to just north of Hyannis is listed as open but impassable with travel not advised because of blowing and drifting snow.