HPV Vaccine Shows 65% Reduction in Cervical Cancer


PPHD kicks off Why Age 9 campaign sharing the importance of getting children HPV vaccinated starting at age nine

Human papillomavirus (HPV) cannot be treated, but there is a vaccination that can prevent transmission and protect against six cancers if initiated prior to exposure. HPV vaccination is a critical prevention tool, safeguarding children, and adolescents against more than 90% of HPV cancers when given at recommended ages.

Why Age 9?

Routine HPV vaccinations can be given starting at age 9 through age 26. Getting this vaccination starting at age 9 results in a strong immune response and provides long-lasting protection.

“Cervical and oropharyngeal cancer can be painful, debilitating, and lethal. There’s a very effective vaccine that can safely & effectively prevent up to 90% of these cancers. It is critical that young people in our country get vaccinated! It can prevent them from having to undergo significant pain and suffering many years down the road,” said Dr. Vince Bjorling, board certified in Internal Medicine.

Between 2012-2019 there was a 65% reduction in cervical cancer in women in their 20s. This was the first cohort to receive HPV vaccination. Cervical and oropharyngeal cancer are the two most common cancers associated with HPV infection. Ninety percent (90%) of cervical cancers are caused by HPV infection. It may be decades after infection before these cancers develop.

Talk to your child’s doctor or vaccine provider today about this super important cancer-fighting shot. Families with no insurance can get it for free thanks to the Vaccines for Children program.

HPV vaccine is safe and effective, with no long-term side effects

The HPV vaccine has been given for more than 15 years and provides long-lasting protection. In fact, 109 studies conducted among 2.5 million people in 6 countries have shown that there have been no serious side effects other than what is typical for all vaccines (i.e., allergic reactions, fainting).

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