HVAC Repairs Fail, Chadron Aquatics And Wellness Center Remains Closed Indefinitely


      Repairs made Monday to the HVAC system at the Chadron Area Aquatics and Wellness Center have failed, leaving the building closed until at least next week.

    The Aquatics Center has been closed for more than 2 weeks by 2 unrelated problems: a broken pipe to the Therapy Pool and the failure of the system that coordinates heating, cooling, and dehumidifying the air in the entire building.

     City spokesman Janet Johnson says the Therapy Pool pipe has been replaced with that pool tentatively scheduled to reopen Tuesday even if the rest of the center remains closed.

    Johnson says more parts for the balky HVAC system should arrive Monday and she remains hopeful that technicians who’ve come in 5 times since the Aquatics Center closed will be able to make final repairs that would allow a reopening later in the week.