Input Forum Today On Possible Chadron Public Transit Expansion



  City of Chadron Transportation Supervisor Julie Lawrence and City Manager John Sutherland are hosting a public forum this afternoon at 5:30 on plans to expand the Chadron Public Transit program, formerly the Handi-bus.

      Lawrence is encouraging everyone to come to the Bean Broker with suggestions, ideas, and concerns about public transportation in Chadron.

Chadron already has the second bus, purchased like the first with federal funds.

     Lawrence says the Chadron bus has, since its inception 4 decades ago, operated without regular routes or schedules, instead responding to each request for a ride individually.

Lawrence says that if there’s good local support shown for adding fixed routes to the Demand system, it might start later this year – but she cautions the final decision and the timing rests with the state.

In addition to this afternoon’s 5:30 public forum at the Bean Broker, Lawrence is hosting an Open House and ribbon-cutting Monday from 4:30 to 5:30 at City Hall.