It’s Too Late To Mail Dawes County Ballots; Use The Courthouse Drop-Box Or The Clerk’s Office


      Dawes County Clerk Cheryl Feist is warning all voters in the county who have not yet mailed back their ballots for Tuesday’s election that it’s too late now and they will need to bring them to either her office or the ballot drop-box in front of the courthouse.

      Feist says ballots must be received by the time the polls close at 7:00 MT on Tuesday, but the earliest outgoing mail from Chadron will leave is tomorrow afternoon and it goes first to North Platte for processing.

     That means a ballot mailed tomorrow won’t get to Feist’s office at the courthouse until Wednesday at the earliest – too late to be counted for the election.

     Feist says the ballot drop-box is secure and has been used for the last several years. Dawes County is one of a handful in Nebraska where all voting is done with mailed ballots.