Ivan Starr Sr


Funeral services for 73-year old Ivan Starr Sr are Sunday, Sept 25, 2022 at 10:00 AM at the Loneman School Gymnasium in Oglala, SD.

Burial is at the Star Comes Out Family Cemetery in Oglala.

A two-night wake service starts Friday, Sept 23, at 11:00 at the Loneman School Gymnasium in Oglala/

Ivan Francis Starr Sr, aka Ivan Star Comes Out “Mato Nasula”, was born to Steven and Stella Star Comes Out around December 4, 1948.  Ivan made his journey September 15, 2022 at his home in Oglala, SD. He was a veteran of the U-S Army

Ivan Sr is survived by his children Virginia (John), Ivan Jr (Carla), Promise, and Derek; brother, Steven, Edward, Stanley, and Scotty; hunka children Christa, Edwina, Wilbur, Jackie, Cory, and Nick; grandchildren, Leavan, Trev, Tano, Edie, D-driq, Baby Derek, Daisha, Lazarus, Jeremiah, Ezra, Titus, Deandra, Ryan, Zoe, Mani, Kayo, Billie, Jen, Sissi, Maddie, Mason, Savannah, Jada, Derek, Tristan, Mollie, Xavier, and Anthony.

Ivan was preceded in death by his parents Steven & Stella; his wife Goldie; brothers Lawrence and Frank; sisters Clementine, Virginia, and Leslie; his adopted daughter Margaret “Raynae”; granddaughter Nicollette; and great-grandson, Cato.

Pallbearers will be Ivan Jr, Brian, Frank Jr, Cory, Morgan, Leavan, Trev, Ryan, Mason, Baby Derek, Tano, Jeremian, Ezra, and Titus Cory Jr.

Honorary pallbearers will be Ron & Thelma, Saunie & Justes, Amos, Blacksmith Tiospaye, Bear Robe Tiospaye, Fills Pipe Tiospaye, Red Star Tiospaye, Reed Tiospaye, Stands Tiospaye, Warrior Tiospaye, Bores A Hole Tiospaye, Lone Elk Tiospaye, Jumping Bull Tiospaye, Sonja John, Prairie Island Tiospaye, Don Slow Bear, Loneman School, Native Sun News, Oglala Lakota College, Oyate Teca Drum Group, Prairie Wind Gaming Commission, Oglala 1980 Color Guard, Tokala Society, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD