Jade Stone


A Mass of Christian Burial for 29-year old Jade Stone will be held  Thurs, April 28, 2022 at 10:00 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Pine Ridge.

Burial is at the Holy Rosary Mission Catholic Cemetery in Pine Ridge 

A one-night wake service starts Wed, April 27, 2022 at 3:00 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Pine Ridge with Vigil & Rosary services starting at 7:00 PM

Jade Marie Stone was born on May 4, 1992 in Rapid City, SD to Ronnie Stone and Denee (Bettelyoun) Mousseaux.  Jade made her journey to the Spirit World on April 15, 2022 in Pine Ridge, SD.

Jade is survived by her daughter, Celesia Dillon; father, Ronnie Stone; mother, Denee (Stewart) Bettelyoun-Mousseaux; siblings, twin brother, James Stone, Serra Bettelyoun, Caezar Bettelyoun, Tylynn Dillon, and Drea Fire Thunder; grandmothers, Donna Bettelyoun and Patti Shangreaux; aunts, Lynelle Keith, Billi Jo Greenwald, Elaine Stone, Kim Bad Heart Bull, and Tiffany Stone; uncles, Richard “Sheech” Greenwald, William “Bean” Bettelyoun, Donnie Bettelyoun, Ken Keith, Kenny Hart, Mattie Coy Bad Heart Bull, and Doyle Bad Heart Bull; and numerous nieces, nephews, & cousins.

Jade was preceded in death by her son, Angel Baby Jamie Wilson; sister, Raeoni Stone; grandparents, Joann Clifford, Fred “Fluff” Bettelyoun, Eleanor Bad Heart Bull, KO Bad Heart Bull, and Donald Stone; great grandparents, Thelma Mim Bettelyoun, Edith “Cookie” Clifford, Daniel Clifford, George Bettelyoun, and Florene “Floss” LeBeau; aunt, Lynette Bettelyoun; and uncles Willie Shangreaux and Larry Ray Clements.  

Pallbearers will be Fred Keith, Kenneth Bart Keith, Trevor Bettelyoun, Dallas Greenwald, Richard Greenwald, Jr., Jay Daniel Greenwald, James Bettelyoun, Shawn Swallow, Richard Shangreaux, Lane Pourier, Will Du Brewer, Brian Beetum, Casey Means, and Dan Clifford.

Honorary pallbearers will be Jaylen Brewer, Priscilla Brewer, Aleigha Janis, Shontelle Swallow, Lorna Clifford, Bella Shangreaux, Roberta Rodriguez, Marlayna Wilson, Tiarra Eagle Elk-Seallion, Charlie Little, Sheree Clifford, Mariah Shangreaux, Danielle Bagola, Chris Bagola, Jayde Bettelyoun, Sandy Shalaine, Jey Phelps, Rhionna Brewer, Samantha Bissonette, Whitney Akers, Marissa Big Crow, Katrina Keith, Kellie Keith, Jonnie Keith, Briseis Keith, Jayden Greenwald, Kellie Siderits, Rhiannon Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez, Jr., Robert “Bob” Rodriguez, Esto Blanco, Ty McMillan, Thomas Gaiter & family, Patti & Rick Shangreaux, Doris Thiebault, Arlene Brewer, Karen Nelson, Melvin & Carol Clifford, Rueben Brown, Marsha Clifford, Baby Corwin, Jason Lopez, Sarah Little Hawk, Michelle & Bria Bettelyoun, Sarah Bettelyoun, Maria Bettelyoun, Kashlin Bettelyoun, Paige Provost, Shuggie & Corwin Bagola, Carlee Provost, Sheena Provost, Cami Stone, Dre Stone, Antone Bad Heart Bull, Doyle, Kim, & Matte Bad Heart Bull, Alyssa Hart, Dustin Hart, Tiffany Stone, Elane Stone-Provost, Richard & Billie Jo Greenwald, Hazen &Vicki Stone, Ken & Lynelle Keith, Don & Jewel Bettelyoun, Bean & Lisa Bettelyoun, Phil Bettelyoun, Nettie Bettelyoun, Paula Bettelyoun, Georgine Bettelyoun, Darian Hudspeth, Lyle Richards, Jr., Roger Bettelyoun, Lucy Bettelyoun, Lindy Trueblood, JL Trueblood,  Co Twiss, Darlene Twiss, Connie Twiss, Fonda Twiss, Lindsey Twiss, Jeff Twiss, Courtney Twiss, Gabe Dreamer, Jared Twiss, Jr., Linda Muse, Bennae Calac, Cathy Devers, Mary Couachino, Jennifer Nelson, Lorraine Padilla, Lou Ann Janis, Danielle Magante, Cissy Jo Bean, Michelle Nelson, Destiny Nelson, Mandy Nelson, Lenny Brewer, DJ Brewer, Stanley Brewer, William “Shorty” & Joyce Brewer, Michael Brewer, Stan Brewer, Jr. & family, Louis Mousseaux, MaKayla Mousseaux, Sandy Cuny, Lexie& Harley Brewer, Betty & Andrew Rodriguez, Joey & Joette Siderits, Kaiden & Jacob Brewer, Marlene Wilson & family, Harriette Wilson & family, Melva Clifford & family, Faye Clifford, Sherri Clifford, Vern Clifford, Thelma Red Feather, Joni Morrisette, Allie Big Crow-Hunter, Ashlee White Plume, Cody Trueblood, Ty Reddy, Derek Cross Dog, Sam Yellow Dog, Reet Moran, Donelle Evans, Ollie Big Crow & family, Rona & LeRoy Pourier, Louie Janis, Raydeen Red Shirt, Lolly Steele, Darby Steele, Nellie Long, Janelle Pourier, Missy Pourier & family, Babe Pourier, C-boy Pourier & family, Charla Pourier & family, Debbie Bettelyoun, George Bettelyoun, Lou Bettelyoun, Melanie Bettelyoun, Jordan Red Cloud, Christa Neiss, Rose Beane, Sherri Martin & Girls, Ron Martin, Roger Big Crow, Dustin Brewer, Dominique Pilcher, Bree Jumping Bull, Janelle Brewer, James Lawrence Shangreaux, Bree Big Crow, Leona Callie, Martin & Ann Pilcher, Echo Oldson, BG Steele, Louise Bell, Tammy Siderits, Brandy Rodriguez, Mandy Means, Cindy, Jake & Jesse Brown, Sarah Clifford, Emma Clifford, Jeanette Trueblood, Tuck Provost, Tunee Brewer, Vanessa Fire Thunder, Rayette & Richard Bettelyoun, Rhonda Akers, Derek DeSersa, Ellen Kills Small, Kaity Mase Oldson, Lynn & Jeff Oldson, Daniel Clemens, Maliya Clements, Robert Clements, James Clements, Alex American Horse, Tabria L. Red Cloud, Sharay Brewer, Jesse & April Byerly, Kathy Pilcher, Jennifer Byerly, Charmaine DuBray, Telesia Lui, Jody Brewer, Lyle Pilcher, Julian Rodriguez, Lacey Pourier, Jennifer Gibson-Dane, Nellie Oldson, Melinda & Tuna Oldson, April Clifford, Sonny Red Cloud, Jesse “Cholo” Ghost Dog, Rayeun Stover & Melita, Ashlee Randall, Jackie Miller & family, Michelle Yellow Bird, Norma & Joyce Tibbitts, Buddy Castillo, Erica Anduja, Lorna Pourier, Ginger Anduja, Angela Anduja, Sissy Vitalis, Cole Bettelyoun, Vellie Waters, Shyanne O’Rourke, Lala & Gracee Morgan, Sam Bissonette, Shira Bettelyoun, Jason Bettelyoun, Nate Bad Milk, April Marshall, Raychel Martin, James Shangreaux, Tisha Charging Crow, Gracey Palmier, Ron Cross Dog, Brent John Janis, Richard Bettelyoun, Cherie Bettelyoun, San Bettelyoun, Rayette Provost-Bettelyoun, William Mousseau, Marty Hart, Antoine Bad Heart Bull, Marco Morales, Delores Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, Donna Kellie Trueblood, Matt Bean Clifford, Ron Roffers, Mike Wilson, Lyle Wilson, Jr., Francis Wilson, Shawn Bettelyoun, Justin Brewer, Sage Hill, Loretta Red Feather, All Her Strugis Rally Co-workers and Friends, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD