Jenny Water


Funeral services for 50-year old Jenny Genevieve Water are Sat, Sept 24, 2022 at 2:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Robert Red Feather and Darla Black

Burial is at Holy Cross Episcopal Cemetery in Pine Ridge

A two-night wake service starts Thurs, Sept 22, at 2:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge

Jenny G Water was born on May 7, 1972, in Pine Ridge, SD to Cleveland William Water and Veronica Means.  Jenny made her journey to the Spirit World on September 15, 2022 in Pine Ridge, SD.

Jenny is survived by her daughters, Briana (Veronica B.) Water, Diana (James C.) Makes Him First, and Shania (Wade Fast Wolf) Makes Him First; hunka daughter, Latisha White Magpie; sons, Bradley (Lucy) Water, Tyrone Water, and Cyrus Makes Him First; siblings, Clifton Water, Sr., Franklin Water, William Water, Cleveland Water, Calvin Water, Edwin Water, Thomas Water, Wilma Water, and Julieann Water; last surviving paternal uncle, Albert (Francine) Water; grandchildren, Tokahe Win Water, LaNayah White Magpie, Adina Water, Juaquin Water, and LaTayah White Magpie; and numerous nieces & nephews.  

Jenny was preceded in death by her mother, Veronica Means; father, Cleveland Water; grandfather, Paul Water; grandmother, Rose Red Feather-Water; sister, Theresa Water; aunts, Victoria Mae Water-White Magpie, Leona Water, Jeannette Water-Bissonette; uncles, Steven White Magpie Sr, Joseph “Kadoke” Water, and Ernie Water, Sr.; grandchildren Donte Joe Broken Rope, Prince Jody Bagola, Raelynn Cottier, Athelia Whalen, Baby Makes Him First, George Water, Arrow Water, Ellianno Elias Makes Him First, and Rainbow Moon Makes Him First; cousins & nephews Matilda Water, Veda Water, Allen Water, Terrance Water, Gilbert Bissonette Sr, Michael Bissonette, Ethan Charles Bissonette, Terry Good Voice Elk, FLoriberto Parra-Munoz Jr, Martha Apple-Means, Alberta Means, Wanda Lakota, Karen Means, Maverick Means, Marilyn Means, Ruth Means, Elvis Means, Wyatt Water, and Betty Means.

Pallbearers will be Wylie Water, Wyman Water, Ernie Water, Clifton “Cameron” Water Jr, John Bissonette, Franklin Water Jr, Harland “Fred” Yellow Boy, Wade Fast Wolf (Bagola), and James Crawford IV.

Honorary pallbearers will be Francis Buckman & Family, Terry Returns & Family, Wyoma and Wyleen Water & Family, Donna Soloman & Family, Kathy Water & Family, Sandra White Magpie, Norman Two Bulls, Stevie White Magpie, Filemon, Belecya, & Briano Parra-Munoz & Family, Evelyn Bull Bear & Family, Latisha “Tishamae” & LaNayah “Nayah Rose” White Magpie, Jessi & Jalena Escamilla & Family, Marilyn Apple, Heather Apple, Kenny Apple, Wanda Water & Family, Heather Water & Family, Gloria Water & Family, Crystal Water & Family, Rosie & Michelle Water, Carmen, Franklin Jr, & Rosie Long Black Cat & Family, Danielle Water & Family, Roger Bissonette & Family, Wendy Bissonette & Family, Rose Yellow Horse & Family, Angel Bissonette & Family, Valentina & William Makes Him First, Marsha Tibbitts & Family, Mary Belt & Family, Estelline Black Feather & Family, Lisa Dixon & Family, Terry Two Bulls Sr & Family, Violet Water & Family, Jasmine New Holy & Family, Frank & Janelle Raney & Family, Marvin Little Hawk & Family, Richie Red Hawk & Family, Albert, Richard, John, David, Adam, Jessy, Kelly, & Lisa Water & Family, Bernadette & Donna Janis & Family, Frank Water & Family, Susan Basurto & Family, Lynette Water & Family, Lois Water-Kills Small & Family, John “Goose” Water & Family, Jessica Two Bulls & Family, Amanda Red Feather & Family, Steven White Magpie Jr, Anthony Water, Robert Two Dogs Sr, Skylar Two Dogs, Paul & Erin Water & Family, Priscilla Janis & Family, Joe American Horse, Earlene & Ashley Long Wolf, Theresa, Tlana, Farrah, Sasha, Bertha, Shay, & Jewels Water & Family, Samantha Water & Family, Rusty & Lynn Walking Eagle, Charlie Water & Family, Charlie Jr & Michelle Water & Family, Charity & Hope Water & Family, Kiana Walking Eagle & Family, Carol Bad Bear & Family, Tina Long & Family, Bonnie Returns & Family, Rochelle Yellow Boy & Family, Angie & Rose Yellow Boy & Family, Tracey & Sonny Cross Dog & Family, Dominic Water & Family, Gina Red Feather, Duane & Sandra Water & Family, Holly Yellow Bear, Carmen American Horse, Colleen Condon, Harriett Twiss & Family, Denise Evans & Family, Bud Water & Family, Lamona, Karen, Kellon, Kenneth, Kim, & Carol Lakota, Jeannette Little Hawk, Bob Lakota, Elmer Tobacco Jr, Jonathan Bagola, Sr. & Family, Janine Good Lance, Marless Big Crow, Janis and Bones Campos, Francilla Weasel Bear-Water, Weasel Bear Family, Red Feather Family, Chief Eagle Family, Means Family, Makes Him First Family, Little Hawk Family, Brown and Bad Cob Family-Wanblee, SD, BIA Facility Staff, Pine Ridge CAP Office Staff, LOWO Staff, and All Friends & Relatives. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD