Jered Kills Enemy At Night

Funeral services for 33-year old Jered Kills Enemy At Night are  Sat, July 16, 2022 at 10:00 at the T&T Center in Wanblee, SD, with traditional Lakota Services by Russell Eagle Bear

Burial Services is at the Quick Bear Family Cemetery in Corn Creek, SD

A 3-night wake service starts 3:00 PM, Wed, July 13, 2022 at 3:00 at the T&T Center in Wanblee.

Jered Patrick Kills Enemy At Night was born on November 23, 1988 in Pine Ridge, SD to Purvis Kills Enemy At Night and Jerilyn Quiver-Baltes. Jered made his journey to the Spirit World on July 8, 2022 in Pine Ridge, SD.

Jered is survived by mother, Jerilyn Quiver Baltes; father, Purvis Kills Enemy At Night; spouse, Alicia Piper; daughters, Jaynea Kills Enemy At Night, Heavnly Kills Enemy At Night, and Sinayria Piper; siblings, Faron Brings Plenty-Quiver, Fred Brings Plenty-Quiver, Jovanna Kills Enemy-Quiver, Jonas Baltes-Quiver, and Alyssa Baltes-Quiver; and numerous nieces & nephews.

Jered was preceded in death by his brother, Ferris Brings Plenty; sisters, Anna Mae Baltes-Quiver, Tracie Elaine, and Margret Chipps-Quiver; aunts & uncles, Donna Quiver, Delora Kills Enemy At Night-Hedely, Dale Bissonette, Morris Eagle Bull; grandparents, Charles Quiver, Sr., Elaine Quick Bear-Quiver, Stephan Kills Enemy At Night, Dorian Kills Enemy At Night-Yellow Horse, Lucinda Quiver, Maxine Quick Bear, and Jonas James Quiver; cousin, Joshua Two Bulls; nephew, Daitian Kills Enemy; special niece, Nevaeh Quiver; brothers, Jeremy Quiver, Jeno C., Danny B., Alex D., Lucian J., David Rodgers, Devan Moran, Tage Moran, Sheldon Glenn, Archie Brown, and Nick Janis.

Pallbearers will be Tony Williams, Jonas Quiver, Theodore Coomes, Terrance Running Shield, Victor Kills Enemy At Night, Fred Quiver/Kobe McBride, Morris Eagle Bull/Caleb Johnson, Faron Quiver/Tyrone Sitting Holy, William Long/Nicki Coomes, Juan Moran, and Aaron Little Bear.

Honorary pallbearers will be Alvin Bissonette, Antone Blue Bird, Michael DuBray, Scott McBride, Noah Kills Enemy At Night, Eric Kills Enemy At Night, Levi Quiver, Marshall Johnston, Darrell Pipe On Head, Mario Quiver, Chermorose Big Crow, Samantha, Kayla, Tanya, DJ Rogers, Bella Kills Enemy, Adrianna Kills Enemy, Marvin & Jackie Richards & family, Reshaw Families, Dusty & Arvella ReShaw-Richards, Juan Dog Knife, Trevor Chipps, Vincent Chipps, Wanda Red Paint, Lacosta, Hope Chipps, Uncle Carl Moran, Brenda Red Cloud, Agnes Red Cloud, Kimberly, Christine, Aliha, Harmony, Makenzie B, Arianna, Serena, Honey, Shannon, Laquita Rouillard, Tina S.H., Tashina E., Megan C., Mary W.B., Sam Bear Runner, Jared Ramos, Grandma Virginia, Emma & Larry Swally, Beverly Pipe On Head, Hope Red Paint, Maxine P.O.H., Kathy A.O.B., Cindy Jewel, Alex Morgan, Auntie Francine, Cecelia, Olivia Williams, Bev Brown, Eunice Rodgers, Penny Rodgers, Lena Quiver, Mary Moran, Carol Jones, Ricard Walgreen, Julie, Hope, Dorthy, Nickole, Kathy Glenn, Charlette Dismounts Thrice, Tina Bettelyoun, Suzann, Lisa, Charlie S., Stella Quiver, Charlene, Shelia Maron, Abbey Quiver, Joseph Merrival, Betty Lynn Merrival, Delores Merrival, Debbie Merrival, Kathy DuBray, Tish Merrival, Renita Clohoff, Cheryl Colhoff, Wilma Colhoff, Marlene Poor Bear, Freda Poor Bear, Sam Quiver, Ben Quiver, Steven & Doren Quiver, All Bald Eagles, Great Grandpa Reno Richards, Grandma Linda, Auntie Ruth Wooden Knife, Grandpa Russell Eagle Bear, All Quivers, Grandma Itis Paige, Grandpa William Paige, Grandpa Norman Roger, Sr., Grandma Velma Witt, Leading Fighter Family, Vincent Brewer, Jr., Dusty Merrival, Warren Dull Knife, Nickolas Bissonette, Leo Brown, Charles Janis, Raymond Janis, Vern Janis, Cody Eagle Bull, DuBray Family, Wooden Knife Family, Jones Family, Bull Bear Family, Eagle Bear Family, Brown Family, Martin & Allen Relatives, Trenton Quiver, Robert Quiver, Hermus Janis, Carol Lakota, Nick Coomes, Abraham Yellow Horse, Billie Lamont, Stanley Young, Elgin Young, Norman & Freddie Quiver, and All Friends & Relatives that weren’t mentioned.

Special thank you to Sioux Funeral Home, Oglala Sioux Tribe, and Rosebud Sioux Tribe. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD