Johndreau Not Seeking Reelection To Chadron City Council


     There are 2 Chadron City Council seats up for election this year and at least one of them will be filled by someone else. 

     . Incumbent Joe Johndreau announced at Monday night’s council meeting he won’t be running for reelection.

      Johndreau explained that he’s also been head of the leadership council at his church during that time, and that with those time requirements on top of his family and business needs, he feels he needs to cut back a bit to focus on his priorities.

      He said he’s enjoyed his time on the city council and is excited about projects scheduled to be completed before he leaves office at the end of the year – adding that he’s not ruling out running for the council or another position sometime in the future.

      Miles Bannan, the other incumbent whose council seat is on this year’s ballot, says he hasn’t made a decision on running again.

    Bannan was first elected to the Chadron council in 2014, but decided against seeking a third term in 2022, citing upcoming changes in his personal and professional lives including his pending marriage.

      He reversed course within a matter of weeks after councilman Keith Crofutt resigned after the filing deadline and the final 2 years of his term went on the ballot. Bannan was the only person to file for the 2-year position and was unopposed in the general election