Jonathan “Jay” Doyle

Funeral services for 38-year old Jonathan “Jay” Doyle are Sat, May 21, 2022 at 11:00 at the American Horse School in Allen, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Jim Cross

Burial is at the Salway Family Cemetery in Allen. 

A two-night wake starts Thurs, May 19, at 1:00 at the American Horse School in Allen and resumes there Friday at 1:00.

Jonathan Louis “Jay” Doyle  “Wanbli Hoksila” “Baby Boy” was born on April 1, 1984 in Martin, SD to Faith Richards and Don Doyle. He made his journey to the Spirit World on May 15, 2022 near Batesland, SD.

Jay was a big hearted man who loved all children. He would cook and feed them, and was always there for them. He touched a lot of children’s hearts and was a father figure to many. 

He loved his children dearly and loved his nieces and nephews. He had a special bond with Tasia, Markus, Deryck, Turtle, Ty, and Taral and loved them as his own. 

Jay loved to hunt, fish, and play pool. He never called anyone by their name; he had a nickname for everyone he loved. 

Jay was a humble and forgiving man. There wasn’t a day that would go by that he didn’t say, “I love you!” He was a ray of sunshine, always happy, never sad.

When things went wrong he would always say, “Just pray for them!” He was a very wise man who had a way with words. That is why he is deeply loved. 

Jay is survived by his children, Kadence, Jayda, Jasmine, and Gianna Doyle; mother, Faith Richards of Yellow Bear, SD; Hunka dad, James Cross; father figure, Joseph Yellow Wolf; sisters, Aimee (Willie) Plenty Wolf of Yellow Bear, SD, Alexis Cottier, and Angel Cottier; brothers, Shaun Two Bulls of Yellow Bear, SD, Aldwin, Slyester, and Daniel Cottier; grandparents, Bertha Conroy & Julia Wilcox; aunts, Devonna Lone Wolf, Shirley May, Kineona Black Cat, Wilma Colhoff, Tonya Priestly, and Mari Curry; uncles, Chris Little Eagle of Yellow Bear, SD, Elmer Fire Thunder of North Carolina, and Albert Curry of Potato Creek, SD; special niece-daughters, Tasia (Adam) Two Bulls, Cante Herman, Katori & Kashauni Two Bulls; special nephew-sons, Markus & Deryck Two Bulls and Malcolm Herman; and granddaughter, Juraea Faith Lays Hard. 

He was preceded in death by his father, Don Doyle; brothers, Malcolm DuBray and Laverne Curry; maternal grandparents, John & Shirley Little Eagle; paternal grandparents, Clarence Wolf Outs and Elgina Brown Red Kettle; auntie-mom, Lucy “Pinki” Cottier; and aunts & uncles, John Little Eagle, Jr., Louise Little Eagle, Jeffery Curry, and Gino Curry.

Pallbearers will be Markus Two Bulls, Deryck Two Bulls, Sylvester Cottier, Daniel Cottier, Trevor Red Bear, Leon Kills Small, Mike Curry, Lance Christensen, Tom Fast Wolf, Jr., Jaime May, Ron Slow Bear, and Garfield Steele.

Honorary pallbearers will be Tashina Burritt, Sarah & MJ Fineran, John Two Bulls, Sandi May, Lyle Swimmer, Marie Salomon, Erick Slow Bear, Cole Bettelyoun, Cora Whiting, William Plenty Arrows, Jeremy Blacksmith, Carlos Plenty Arrows, Michell Yankton, Doug & Jenean Johnson, Tony Tallman, Dario Vasquez, Mitchell DuBray, S.r, “Sissy Bug” Rouillard & family, George & Lyle Respects Nothing, Earl DuBray, Millie Black Beard & family, Edna Plenty Arrows & family, East Wing Casino Employees, David W. Red Bear, Dave Tallman, Jentry Walks Out, “Punch” Cottier, Buck Kills Straight, Lyle Dillion, Keshaun Brave Heart, Terry Livermont, Michael Henry, Calvin McCollum, Cornell Ruff, Sr., Layne Sharp, Bill Cummings, Ben Marshall, Jordan High Horse, Gena Cuny & family, Ray Big Crow, LWHS Class of 2002, Malcolm Shot With Arrow, Jonnielynn May, Cecille Cross, Sheldon One Horn, Dustin Zimiga, Catalina Rodriguez, Derrick Janis, Lance Christensen & family, Rachel YA & Kansas, Justin & Buzz Sharp, Marlin Fineran, All Pool Sharks, Terry Two Bulls, Roger Sharp, Norman Tallman, Zach Quintana, Robin Burritt & family, Deb Merrival, Rhonda Tallman & family, Maxine Pleasant, Elijah DuBray, Egan Tallman & family, All Fast Wolf Families, All Kids of “A-Town” & the entire Allen Community, Shirley May & family, Anna Salomon & family, Anita Richards & family, Donna Salomon & family, Charlotte Richards & family, Poor Bear Family, Dawn Richards & family, Sophie Yankton & family, Dani & Chris Means, ‘X’ Big Crow, Nicole Herman & family, Loni Bettelyoun & family, Lydia Bear Killer & family, Dan Snethen, Latoya Janis, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD