Judith “Judy” Kills Warrior


Funeral services for 50-year old Judith “Judy” Kills Warrior are Sat, Jan 14, 2023 at 11:00 at the Rockyford Old School Gymnasium in Rockyford, SD, with Lay Minister Anthony Wounded Head officiating.

Visitation precedes the funeral from 9:00 – 11:00, also at the Rockyford Old School Gym

Burial is at St John’s Episcopal Cemetery in Oglala, SD 

Judith “Judy” Lynn Kills warrior was born on February 3, 1972 to Wilmer “Duke” Kills Warrior and Bernadine Elk Boy in Pine Ridge, SD. Judy passed away on January 1, 2023 at the Medical Research Hospital in Kansas City, MO. 

Judy attended Porcupine Day School and graduated from Pine Ridge High School in 1991; with that, she was always a Thorpe, no matter what others said. 

Judy also stayed true to her favorite pro team, the Denver Broncos, and would wear a shirt or sweater with the Broncos on it. 

Judy was always a person who was genuine and caring for others, giving half of her meal to others, and always making sure others were taken care of first. 

Judy was a borrowed hand to her family, friends, and relatives through the years in caring for the elderly and children. No matter how tough things got, she managed to care for herself and land on her feet to be there for others. 

Judy did not have any children that she is survived by, but in the Lakota way, she took care of her niece, DeEtta Ghost, as her own and raised her always to be humble and respectful to others. 

Judy is survived by her siblings Etta Kills Warrior of Pine Ridge, SD, Catherine Kills Warrior of Porcupine, Monique Kills Warrior, Michelle Kills Warrior, and Marie Kills Warrior all of Kyle, SD, Cameron Kills Warrior of Denver, CO, Donald Kills Warrior and Ronald Kills Warrior (Tristen Leader Charge) both of Porcupine; nephews Delane Ghost of Pine Ridge and Donald “Deejay” Kills Warrior Jr of Porcupine; nieces Toni Ghost and DeEtta Ghost both of Pine Ridge, and Ebony Kills Warrior of Kyle; aunts Diana Elk Boy & Velma Gomez; uncles Carl “Bone” Elk Boy, Warren “Squeak” Elk Boy, and John Elk Boy; special friend, John “JJ” Winters of Pine Ridge; cousins Joy (Ron) Bush, Dorothy, Leah, and Tara Brown Bear, DeAnne Parker & Karen Arceneaux of Colorado Springs, CO, and Susanna Salo-Morin of Lake City, SC; and grandparents Alvina & Ben Conquering Bear and Noreen & Ken Lone Elk. 

Judy was preceded in death by her parents Wilmer “Duke” Kills Warrior and Bernadine Elk Boy; brothers Thomas Kills Warrior and Wilmer Kills Warrior Jr; grandparents Nelson and Christine Grass-Elk Boy; aunts Anetha Elk Boy and Adeline Elk Boy; uncles Richard “Fish” Elk Boy, Herman Elk Boy, and Brian “Jim” Grass; cousins Reggie White Bull, Carla Elk Boy, Gina Quick Bear, & Penny Bull Bear; nieces Antonette Brave Heart & Nyvelle Quick Bear; and nephew John Quick Bear Jr. 

Pallbearers will be Donald Kills Warrior Jr, Toni Ghost, Lemar Black Bull, Fabian Black Bull, Mel Feather Earring, Wesley White Bull, John “BJ” Elk Boy Jr, John “Chili” Tobacco, Michael Brooks, and John “JJ” Winters. 

Honorary pallbearers will be the Pine Ridge High School Class of 1991, DeEtta Ghost, Monta Janis, Joy Twiss-Thornburg, Carlee Janis, Brian & Lucille Lone Elk, Damian & Travis Richards, Randall “Wanjila” Lone Hill, Carla “Lisa” Cheyenne, Intriga Wounded Head, Mona Bull Bear & Family, Tonia White Bear Claws, Curtis Conroy, Janice Richards, DJ Pourier, Josh Steele, Garfield Steele, Dana Chase, Gary High Hawk, Sheri High Hawk & Family, Francine Running Shield & Family, Sam Locke, Travis Mesteth, Rhonda Bear, Travis Richard, Kills Warrior Family, Violet Bear Runner & Family, Elk Boy Family, Winters Family, Bull Bear Family, Bush Family, Gomez Family, White Bull Family, Weston Family, Mesteth Family, Two Eagle Family, Marla Day Boy, Colleen Good Shield, Nikki Morrisette, Erna Tail, Crystal Tail, Stanley Flying Hawk, Cynthia Bird, Ronnie White Butterfly, Belva Mesteth, Roger Clemens, Latanna Thunder Hawk, Cheryl One Feather, Brown Bear Family, Lone Elk Family, Lone Hill Family, Eagle Mountain Singers, & All friends, family, and relatives 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD