Karlyn Little Dog

Funeral services for 29-year old Karlyn Little Dog are Sat, May 13, 2022 at 2:00 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson, SD, with Pastor Jeremy Mouw officiating.

Burial is at the Standing Bear Family Cemetery in Fast Wolf Creek in Manderson.

A two-night wake service starts Thurs, May 12, at 3:00 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson, SD

Karlyn Jae Little Dog was born on September 5, 1992 in Pine Ridge, SD to Donna Little Dog and Virgil LaDeaux, Jr.  Karlyn made her journey to the Spirit World on May 5, 2022 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Karlyn is survived by her parents, Donna Little Dog and Virgil LaDeaux, Jr.; children, Sadie Little Dog, Blake Little Dog, Kerara Little Dog, and Haisley Little Dog; siblings, Vincent “Vinny” Little Dog, Virgil LaDeaux III, William LaDeaux, Linda Little Dog, Randi Gibbons, Cruz Gibbons, David “DJ” Gibbons, Cory Yankton, and Trent Little Dog; and grandparents, Joyce (Ghost) Little Dog, Wanda Thayer, Janice Little Dog, Darla Swain, and Cynthia Plenty Arrows.

Karlyn was preceded in death by her grandfathers, Robert “Bob” Little Dog, Sr. and Joseph Little Dog, Sr.; grandmother, Pam Little Dog; uncles, Steve Little Dog, Robert “Lil Robert” Little Dog, Jr.; auntie, Kathrine Little Dog; cousins, Tasha Clifford, Robert “RJ” Kills Enemy, Jr., and Vincent “Stevie” Little Dog; great grandparents, Martha Two Bonnets, Vincent Ghost, Fannie Little Dog, and William Little Dog; and one child in infancy.  

Pallbearers will be Lance Black Tail Deer, Tyler Clifford, Tyrell Yankton, Vance “VJ” Little Dog, Trevor DeSersa, Jake Gothridge, River Rose Little Dog, Krystal Swallow, Olivia DeSersa, Lacy Colhoff, Alyssa Looks Twice, and Heather Iron Cloud.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Alberta “Bertie” Yankton and Family, Wayne Yankton and Family, Bryan Yankton and Family, Vance “Bobby” Little Dog and Family, Shan Little Dog and Family, Terrance (Kandee) Little Dog and Family, Berta and Family, Donny Ghost, Grace White Hawk, TJ Little Dog, BJ Little Dog, Eric Little Dog , Derek Little  Dog, Payton Yankton, Leona Cutt, Evelyn Protector, Karen Blacksmith, Marnie Brewer, George Villarreal, Emma “Pinky” Plume, Marla Sharp & Junior Looks Twice, Ron Little Dog & Janelle Yankton, Misty Swallow and Family, Lisa Shangreaux, Johnnie Shangreaux, Wanda Thayer and Family, Dorthy (Rick) Fisher and family, Bob Sun Bear and Family, Betty Little Dog and Family, Anna Steele and Family, Janice “Debbie” Little Dog and Family, Darla (Rick) Swain and Family, Cindy Plenty Arrows and Family , Frank (Stephanie) Ghost and Family, Charlene Featherman and Family, Tara Boltz and Family, Tyler (Tess) Laforge and Family, Gordy (Lisa) Looks Twice and Family, Jennifer Yankton and Family, Gibbons Family, Janis Family, Donavon (Lisa) Steele and Family, Mona Ferguson and girls, Rhonda Jumping Eagle, Chantell Red Stone, Bad Company Softball Teams, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD