Kayla Eagle Bull

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Funeral services for 21-year old Kayla Eagle Bull are  Friday, Sept 16, 2022 at 1:00 at the T&T Center in Wanblee, SD. 

Burial is at the Quick Bear/Red Fish Family Cemetery in Corn Creek, SD

A two-night wake service starts Wed, Sept 14, at 1:00 at the T&T Center in Wanblee.

Kayla Abbie Rose Eagle Bull was born on October 21, 2000 in Rapid City, SD to Michael Randall and Kimberly Eagle Bull. Kayla made her journey to the Spirit World on September 7, 2022 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Kayla is survived by her father, Michael Randall; mother, Kimberly Eagle Bull; sister, Kaylee Randall; sons, TyRiq & Jordan Bear Runner; grandmother, Francine Quiver; and special person, Samuel Bear Runner.

Kayla will be welcomed into the spirit world with loving arms by her relatives: Theodora Yellow Boy, Marie Randall, Sophie Yellow Boy, Peggy Yellow Boy, Stacey Randall, David Standing Soldier, Michael Randall, Sr., Marie Rouillard, Art Rouillard, Eugene Homer, Ty & Leland Homer, Jeno Chief, Ferris Brings Plenty, Jared Kills Enemy At Night, Morris Eagle Bull, Sr., Traci Bissonette, Jeremy Quiver, Madonna Quiver, Elaine & Charlie Boy Quiver, Misun (Charlie) Quiver, Anna Baltes, and All Family & Friends that passed on before her.

Pallbearer Escorts will be Harmony, Jaynee, Syrena, Aaliyah, Alyssa, Honey, Treasure and Kaylee.

Pallbearers will be Morris Eagle Bull, Cody Eagle Bull, Coby McBride, Faron Quiver, Mike Bissonette, Jeremie Griggs, Nicholas Bissonette and Jonas Baltes. 

Honorary pallbearers will be Francine Quiver, Jerilyn Quiver, Abbie Quiver, Shannon Chief, Caleb and Marshall Johnston, Mike, Savannah, Honey Amos, Coby, Syrena and Aaliyah McBride, Destiny and Terrance Running Shield, Alyssa Quiver, Alisha-Heavenly and Samira Blacksmith, Alice, Avannah and Dallion Kills Enemy At Night, Pervis Kills Enemy At Night, Emory Titus, Samantha, Harmony, and Don Eagle Bull, Kristine Bissonette, Priscilla Bagola, Gina Lone Hill, Catayela White Plume, Alyscia Ynostrosa, Alvin Bissonette, Dallas Two Bulls, Evan Fast Horse, Dora Good Plume, Mary Condon, Irene Roan Eagle, Maxine Pleasant, Franklin Patrick Jealous of Him, Tracy Wounded, Denise Yellow Boy & Family, Itice & William Paige, Cecelia Williams, Olivia Williams, Dawson, Mike LeBeau & Family, Lisa Prunes & Family, Rita Big Crow & Family, Rosetta Baker & Family, Lena Chips & Family, Eunice Rogers & Family, Mary Moran & Family, Kathy Glenn & Family, Stella & Charlene Quiver, Faith Yellow Boy & Family, Tina Good Plume & Family, Fred Quiver, Tatum, Trenton, and Farrah Quiver, Tina Sitting Holy, Tony O., Anthony O., Alex B., Consen Kelly, Hannah Kelly, Black Feather Family, Fast Horse Family, and All Friends and Relatives.  

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD