KCSR-AM Will Be Off The Air Starting At 6 PM For Installation Of A New Studio Control Board


     KCSR-AM will go off the air tonight at 6:00 so we can install a new control board in our main studio.

FM 107.7 KBPY will be unaffected by the work on KCSR.

      Co-owner Dennis Brown thinks the process will take less than 12 hours, but can’t be sure since a near-complete rewiring of the studio is required.

      Unfortunately, the wiring configuration between the control board and the computers containing our music means we won’t be able to offer an online stream until after the replacement is completed. 

      Dennis apologizes for the inconvenience, including leaving today’s Rockies game at 6:00, but thinks our listeners will conclude when all is said and done that it was worth it.

       The current board needs to be replaced because it’s failing with many replacement parts and circuit boards no longer available.

      The new state-of-the art control board will bring clearer sound and more consistent levels – two areas of problems that have grown as the current board has grown more and more unreliable.

      Dennis also says the new board has more flexibility in handling remote broadcasts, giving us additional options.