Larry Bear Killer Sr


Graveside services for 56-year old Larry Bear Killer Sr are Sunday, July 11, 2021 at 4:00 at St. Luke’s Cemetery in Porcupine, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Jerome LeBeau

A two-night wake service starts Friday, July 9, 2021 at 11:00 at the American Horse School in Allen, SD. 

Larry John Bear Killer Sr“Mahpiya Pejuta”  was born on March 28, 1965 to Roland Bear Killer and Cherry Bear Killer. Larry made his journey to the Spirit World on July 1, 2021 in Martin, SD.

Larry lived his life for his sons, Samuel and Larry, Jr. They were his world and he made sure they knew and that everyone else knew too. 

He shared the love he had and became the father figure to many children and young people over the years, taking them under his wing to help guide them in whatever way possible. He put his sons first, before anything, and did the same for many young people who knew he would drop everything to help them. 

Larry also was known for his generosity in helping people. Over the years, he helped many sundance circles by providing them with wood, not expecting any acknowledgement for doing so. This was a Lakota value that he practiced with anything he did. He did everything from his heart. 

Everyone knew Larry for his humor. He would go into any situation with laughter and use it for healing in hard times. Anyone that knew him, knew he had that sense of humor and would end up laughing.

Larry is survived by his sons, Samuel Bear Killer and Larry Bear Killer, Jr., both of Porcupine, SD; sisters, Wilma Leonard of Martin, SD, Lydia Bear Killer of Allen, SD, Ethel Swallow of Porcupine, SD, and Darlene Bear Killer of Porcupine, SD; brother, Roland Bear Killer, Jr. of Kyle, SD; and companion, Arlana Bettelyoun of Martin, SD.

Larry was preceded in death by his parents, Roland & Cherry Bear Killer; sister, Minerva Bear Killer; niece, Cherry Lynn Cortier; nephews, Leroy Bear Killer, Sr., and Judd Cortier, Sr; aunt, Jessie Conquering Bear; uncles, Chris Conquering Bear and Raleigh Bear Killer; grandchildren, Carly Cortier and Roland Bear Killer; and cousin, Robert “Bob” Bear Killer.

Pallbearers will be Cornell Reddest, Yamni Frank, Aaron Black Bull, Jordan High Horse, Lester Lone Hill, Buck Tallman, Virgil Bush, Lenny Lone Hill, Ty Lunderman, and Chissie Spencer.

Honorary pallbearers will be Arlene Tallman & Family, Edna Plenty Arrows & Family, Mercy Makes Good & Family, Deloris Bear Killer & Family, Doris Bear Killer & Family, Frank Bear Killer & Family, Ralph Bear Killer & Family, Rhonda Tallman & Family, Mary Jealous of him & Family, Charlene May, Lenora Longman, Beth Hammond Eiring, Zintkala Eiring, Patty Hammond, Donna Lamont, Richard and Ethleen Iron Cloud Two Dogs, Kenneth and Noreen Lone Elk, Justin Pourier & Family, Manuel Hines, Benjamin Wynn, Charlie Johns, Vernell White Thunder, Phillip Good Crow & Family, Becki Cedar Face, James & Julie Cedar Face, Reginald Cedar Face Jr., Jessi and Lori Bean, Mekko Bear Killer, Tilden Reddest, Tony Tallman, Emmanuel Bear Killer, Dean Bear Killer, Charles Cortier, Stacy Cortier, Andrew Cortier, George Cortier, Tyler Cortier, Brian Swallow, Roland Swallow, John Swallow, Ivan Reddest, Lenny Pourier, Ryan Bear Killer, Utah No Neck, Mateo Whirlwind Horse, Asa Two Crow, Jerome Richards, Jodie Plenty Wounds, Lyle Plenty Wounds, Richard Swallow Jr., Richard Bettelyoun, Shayne Curry, Kyle Hammond, Ralphea Bear Killer, Jessie Cortier, Dee Anderson, Jeanette Amiotte, Bobbie Jo Pourier, Lainey Bear Killer, Colette Whitesell, Rebecca Berbacki, Cammi Bear Killer, Talaiah Bear Killer, Lavonne Randall, Michelle Reddest, Jessie No Neck, Jamie Cedar Face, Simone Cedar Face, Dawn Two Crow, Cherise King, Tasina Win Bettelyoun, Arrow Curry, Peggy Janis, Trenton Janis, Damian Lafferty, All OSLHA staff, and All Friends & Relatives.

We are asking that everyone follow the pandemic guidelines. We ask that you wear your masks and limit physical contact. Hand Sanitizer will be provided. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD