Lea Ann Long Wolf-Janis


Funeral services for 50-year old Lea Ann Long Wolf-Janis are  Sat, Sept 17, 2022 at 1:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD, with Pastor John Two Bulls officiating.

Burial is at Holy Rosary Mission Catholic Cemetery in Pine Ridge.

A two-night wake service starts Thurs, Sept 15, at 3:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD

Lea Ann Long Wolf-Jains was born on March 27 1972 in Pine Ridge, SD to Earl Long Wolf, Sr. and Bernice Hawk Wing. Lea Ann made her journey to the Spirit World on September 4, 2022 at the Bennett County Nursing Home in Martin, SD.

Lea Ann is survived by her spouse, Marvin Hernandez; daughters, Bernadette Janis and Jayme Janis; sons, Paul (Erin) Waters, Marino Waters, Jess Whalen, Russel Whalen, and Nathan Whalen; siblings, Donna (Russel) Whalen, Roger Janis, Renee Janis, Violet Waters, Tim Long Wolf, Earlene Long Wolf, Michelle, Stephanie, Cheryl, Iris, & Terri Bush, and Jennifer Harjo; aunt, Phyliss Swift Hawk; and numerous grandchildren, nieces, & nephews.

Lea Ann was preceded in death by her parents, Bernice Hawk Wing and Earl Long Wolf, Sr.; brothers, Earl Janis and Benjamin Long Wolf; son, Joseph Janis; sisters, Rose Janis-Hawk Wing and Martha Long Wolf; nephew, Scot VanPelt; grandfather, Lawrence Long Wolf; aunts, Charlene Long Wolf, Donna Long Wolf, Colleen Long Wolf, and Alice Hawk Wing; and uncles, Ronald Fisherman, Sr., Elijah Hawk Wing, Malcolm Hawk Wing, and Marlin Hawk Wing.

Pallbearers will be Manuel Bad Milk, Jake Two Bulls, Christopher Walking Eagle, Isaac Hawk Wing, Bradley Bush, Ronald Fisherman, Jr., Jamie Goings, Tanya White Butterfly, Olivia DeSersa, Marla Day Boy, Hattie White Butterfly, and Arvella Hernandez-Wanbli Luta.

Honorary pallbearers will be her hunka brothers, Steven White Magpie and Robert Two Dogs; hunka sisters, Vivian Broken Leg, Colleen Little Moon, Geraldine Kills Warrior, Hattie White Butterfly, Sandra White Magpie, Stevie Ann White Magpie, Stephanie Little Bear, and Lynn Walking Eagle; Rusty Walking Eagle & Family, Troylynn Briggs, Ellen Day Boy, Jovita Seda, Janelle Knight, Lisa DeLeon, Patricia Red Elk, Arvella Catches & Family, Delores Red Feather & Family, Clarence Walking Eagle & Family, Wilma Poor Bear & Family,  Susan Waters, Gina Red Feather & Family, Misty Garnier & Family, Hattie He Crow, Cyrus Behan, Heather Janis & Family, Sheila, Justina, & Michael DuBray, Lolita Steele & Family, Doug Running Hawk, Gup & Troy Red Shirt & Family, John Waters & Family, Jeri Merril, Jamie Black Feather, Jessy Rae Escamilla, Jenny Waters & Family, Renee Two Bulls, John Two Bulls & Family, Karen Brown Bull, Anthony Waters, Theresa Waters & Family, Harriet Waters & Family, Charlie Waters & Family, Rebecca Runs Above & Family, Lindsey, Angel, Ronald, Jr. & Ty Fisherman & Families, Wanda Waters & Family, Iris & Michelle Bush & Family, Phyliss Swift Hawk, Randy White Horse & Family, Angel Piper & Family, Jessica Short Bull & Family, Avril Pulliam & Family, Brooke Morrison & Family, Crystal Waters & Family, Thelma Backward, Ron Morrison & Family, Audrey Backward & Family, Darrel Spotted Elk, Jr. & Family, Terra Jo Marks & Family, Nikki Marks & Family, Cyrus Black Elk & Family, Tammy Bissonette & Family,  Blue Bird Family, Weasel Bear Family, Bennett County Nursing Home & Hospital, Monument Health Hospital, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD