Legislature Could End 2021 Early

      Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature Mike Hilgers is planning to end this year’s legislative session early on Thursday May 27 instead of June 10th. 

       That’s the 86th day of the planned 90 day session, with the gap reflecting the extra time allowed between the last 2 days so that lawmakers can deal with any late vetoes by the governor.

      Hilgers told the senators May 27the provides enough time to complete this year’s work and get a jump on next year – which he sees as critical. 

Among the big issues already put off until next year are a comprehensive reform of the state’s tax and school finance system, and a proposal to issue highway bonds to speed up completion of the state expressway system begun over 30 years ago. 

      Hilgers promised to shift the rest of this year’s schedule to keep the gap between the last 2 days because of the veto issue.

       Although no date has yet been set, there will be a special session of the legislature later this year on redistricting. 

      A special session is needed because of delays in the U-S Census Bureau’s release of the detailed population data used to adjust legislative and congressional districts.