Linda Scabby Face

Funeral services for 33-year old Linda Louise Scabby Face are Sat, April 24, 2021 at 2:00 PM at the Ben Scabby Face residence 4 Miles north of Loneman with Sister Barb Bogenschutz officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Mike Little Boy

Burial is at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Cemetery in Oglala, SD

Visitation precedes the services from 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM, also at the Ben Scabby Face residence.  

Linda Louise Scabby Face was born on September 19, 1987 in Pine Ridge, SD to Benedict Scabby Face and Gloria (Martin) Scabby Face.  Linda made her journey to the Spirit World on April 18, 2021 near Oglala, SD.

Linda is survived by parents, Benedict and Gloria Scabby Face; significant other, David “Jakey” Garnier, Jr.; daughters, Isabella Blacksmith and Davine Garnier; son, Riley Scabby Face; siblings, Jolene (Jamie) Karen, NaTwan (Vaughn), Mary (Chance), Darrelyn (Lucio), Spring Rose, Patty Jo, Lavonne Tobacco, Chelsea Tobacco, Clayton, Donovan, Noah, Adonis, Logan, Jerome, Uriah, and Eric; and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, & nephews.

Linda was preceded in death by her paternal grandparents, Virgil Scabby Face and Edith Jealous of Him; maternal grandfather, Fred Martin, Sr.; and sister, Tasheena Running Enemy.  

Pallbearers will be Clayton Scabby Face, Adonis Lone Elk, Logan Scabby Face, Donovan Running Enemy, Vaugh Flanigan, Emerson Bobtail Bear, Donald Janis, and Uriah Scabby Face.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Jerome Scabby Face, Dirk Garnier, BJ Garnier, Billy Jack Janis, Jay Thomas Janis, Angelina Janis, Eleazai Andrews, Jesse Janis, Jess Janis, Sara Paul, Paulina Fast Wolf, Adam Paul, Latonna Plenty Wolf, Donald Janis, Victor Janis, Thomas Brings, Sedona Brings, Kimberly Brings, Nikki Condon, Jules Janis, Latrell Plenty Arrows, David Branum, David Dale, Jolene R. Martin, Gwen Black Elk, Jay Janis, Kelly Janis, Delbert Janis, Adam Paul, Janice Paul, Alex Paul, Naomi Garnier, Don & Judy Hillman, Wayne Witt, Patty Gore, Jolene Martin, Katrina Young & Family, Robert Martin, Sr., Isiah Martin, Bobbi Paige Martin, Essence Belt, Jay Helper, Billy Grooms, Lois White Whirlwind, Tyler Yellow Boy, Mike Welch & Family, Emily White Eyes, Matt Mitchell & Family, Henry Brings Him Back & Family, Michelle Benson, Frontline Security, OLC Student Org., White Clay District, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD