Lindell Says “Assault” In Hotel Was “Aggressive Finger Poking” While Posing For A Selfie


      MyPillow chief executive Mike Lindell has backed off a bit from his claim that he was attacked in a hotel in Sioux Falls.

He now says he was aggressively poked by someone seeking a selfie while he was in Sioux Falls hosting a 3-day election fraud symposium he organized.

      Lindell told the conservative talk show FlashPoint that he was approached by a man who wanted a photo Wednesday night.

     He said the man put his arm around him and “jammed” his finger to “where it was just piercing pain,” leading Lindell to file an assault report the next morning.

     The Sioux Falls Police Department has declined to comment directly, saying only that it is investigating a report of an assault at a hotel near the symposium.