Locally-Filmed Thriller To Have World Premiere In Gordon


      Ragged Sky Productions is proud to announce the premiere of a motion picture thriller featuring several native born Nebraskans in the cast and crew. 

     “Fortress of Sin” will have its world premiere screening on June 11th at 7 PM at the Gordon Theater. Several of the stars will be in attendance. 

     The movie, which has already won several international awards at festivals including Best Feature Film at the Eastern Europe Film Fest, will be available on DVD and streaming starting June 7 at Amazon and Best Buy through Wild Eye Releasing

     “Fortress of Sin” is the brainchild of Paul Chomicki, the genre cult film actor from such comedy horrors as Deadly Xmas and Paranormal Halloween. 

      While in Los Angeles, Paul befriended Nebraska filmmaker Christian Voss, who explained his plans to return home to Nebraska, where films could be made more easily while utilizing the vast wealth of local talents. 

      Dave Campfield, a frequent Chomicki collaborator, suggested that Nebraska would make the perfect backdrop for Chomicki’s screenplay Fortress of Sin – a story that chronicles one fathers search for his daughter across haunting and powerful backdrops. 

      Prepped with a budget of under $8,000, the trio assembled a team that included regional theater director and actor Ryan Lovell. “I received a call from Christian Voss about appearing in a local film, and I jumped at the opportunity.”, said Lovell. 

      “I’ve always been a stage actor with only one small film role to my credit, so I was looking forward to the opportunity to be in front of a camera again.” 

      Ryan became so instrumental in production that he was given the title of Assistant Director, reflecting the work he was already doing.

      The cast also includes Katie Otten from Omaha, whose body of film work continues to grow. 

       Says Katie, “The best part of this entire experience was the friendships that were forged from being on screen with others who love it as much as you do. I will cherish that forever.” 

       Fortress of Sin deals with an issue relevant to many of those who live in Nebraska and South Dakota, the disappearance of many women of Native American heritage. “Fortress” hopes to shine some light on the situation.