Man Faces Drug Charges, Didn’t Bail Out Woman Who Took Rap For Him


     A 30-year old Gillette man faces drug charges that he might have avoided had he been a better boyfriend and bailed his girlfriend out of jail as he’d promised. 

     He was arrested after she complained about his action in recorded jail calls to friends in which she also said the drugs she’d claimed were hers were actually his.

      The case began Nov 9 when the boyfriend was pulled over for speeding and officers found methamphetamine in a pouch attached by a large magnet to the undercarriage of his SUV.

      His 22-year-old girlfriend said the drugs were hers and she was jailed. A search of their home turned up more meth and evidence someone was selling it, so she was also charged with possession with intent to sell.

     The next day, in 4 calls from jail, she told friends in 4 calls from jail that the meth belonged to him. Court records show that when one friend asked her why she would take the rap for him, she said she wasn’t trying to put him behind bars for life.

      The boyfriend remained at large for another 2 weeks. When he was finally arrested Nov 24, he had 20 grams of meth in his pants. He now faces 2 counts each of possession and possession with intent to deliver.