Man Take Plea Deal In Rapid City Homicide


     A Rapid City man has accepted a plea agreement and pled guilty to 1st-degree manslaughter for killing a man in Rapid City in June of last year.

     30-year old Lawrence Mexican faces up to life in prison when heโ€™s sentenced August 24th for the death of 48-year-old Harry Black Bear

     The plea deal saw prosecutors reduce the charge from 2nd-degree murder and drop multiple other charges. 

     They also agreed to recommend a 30-year sentence instead of the maximum of life in prison, but the judge is not required to go along with the recommendation. 

     Court documents show that Mexican and Black Bear were at an apartment building when they began fighting. Mexican knocked down Black Bear, who was holding a curtain rod, then fatally kicked Black Bear twice in the head when he tried to get up. 

      Mexican was arrested the next day when he was found sleeping by the Rapid City Civic Center with blood on his shoes and socks. His attorney told the judge the kicks were in the heat of the moment and that Mexican didnโ€™t intend on killing Black Bear.