Marvin Ghost Bear Jr


Funeral services for 53-year old Marvin Ghost Bear Jr are Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 2:00 at the Batesland School Gymnasium in Batesland, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Chris Brooks and Sidney Has No Horse

Cremation will follow the service

A two-night wake service starts at 4:00 PM, Friday, April 19, at 4:00 at the Batesland School Gymnasium in Batesland

Online condolences may be made at

Marvin Matthew Ghost Bear Jr “Khute Waste Hoksila” was born on April 14, 1971 in Pine Ridge, SD to Marvin Ghost Bear Sr and Hilda (Red Bear) Ghost Bear.  Marvin Jr made his journey to the Spirit World on April 15, 2024 at his home in Pine Ridge, SD.

Marvin is survived by his spouse Tyonnia Ghost Bear; hunka parents Orren Provost and Doreen Two Bulls and Reed and Anita Brown; daughters Jami (Tristen) Ferguson, Brooke (Cody) Bettelyoun, Caitlyn Ghost Bear, DeShawn Pulliam, and ShaShane Hernandez; grandchildren Tristen & Hunter Ferguson, Braxton & Stetson Bettelyoun, Renny Jake, Kobe, & Kendall Ecoffey; step-children, Barton (Christa) Ecoffey Jr and Ryan Ecoffey; siblings Brian Rowland, Samuel Ghost Bear, Jeral Ghost Bear, Jenny Ghost Bear, Mary Helena Ghost Bear, Eileen Ghost Bear, Clarissa Diaz, Misty Ghost Bear, Freda Richard, Lema Richard, Enallia Ghost Bear, Anita Brown, Tammy Lee Ghost Bear, Alfreda Patton, Jennifer Richards-Prue, Stephanie Apple, Clifford Richards Jr, James Richards, Filmore Richards, Willie Richards, Joe Richards, Jessica Richards, Lisa Atkins, Sherrylyn Jones, and Angel Winters.

Marvin was preceded in death by his father Marvin Ghost Bear Sr; mother Hilda (Red Bear) Ghost Bear; brothers John & Luke Ghost Bear, Jeff Big Crow, and Marvin Has No Horse; sister Tammy Ghost Bear; grandfather Wilbert Ghost Bear; grandmother Sarah Grass-Comes Again; uncles George Ghost Bear, Donroy Ghost Bear, Edgar Ghost Bear, Edward Ghost Bear, and Gordon Grass; and aunt Virginia Ghost Bear.

Pallbearers will be Thomas Cottier, James Richards, Jon Red Owl, Ron Kingi, Wil Du Brewer, Cody Bettelyoun, Tristen Ferguson, Thomas James Hernandez, Jack Long, Rangy Bettelyoun, Edward Ghost Bear, and Calvin Ghost Bear.

Honorary pallbearers will be Leon Grass, Dean Steele, Matt Rama, Mason Big Crow, Paul Albs Goings, Thomas Red Hawk, Casey Means, Shane Montgomery, Donovan Steele, Don Garnier, Thomas Brings, Howard Little Hawk, Jolene Bad Heart Bull, AV Fire Thunder, Eddie Ghost Bear, Francine & Bear Big Crow, David Leftwich, Bitsy Trueblood, Claudine Whirlwind Horse, Todd Waddz, Felix & Lupe Rodriguez, Bamm Brewer, Hoksila Zi, RJ White Eyes & Sam, Robert Palmier, Cubby Ghost Bear & Family, Canku Clifford & Family, Daus Rabbit, Robert & Claudette Hernandez, Helen Hernandez, Misty Hernandez (Corey Yankton Sr), Dawn Hernandez & Family, Roberta Hernandez, Fern Goings, Joyce Goings, Midge Goings, Vonnie Goings, Cody Seaboy, Darby Steele, Courtney Two Lance, John Mousseau, John Wilson, Lynn Gibbons, Justin Brewer, Mary & Jen Swallow, Mona Wilson, Norman Tallman, Skinner Ponds, Tim Brewer, Darvis Weston, Linda & Dave Garcia, Cora Whiting, Vincent Two Lance, Monica Good Eagle, Mike Torres & Family, Lisa Morton, Domonic Ghost Bear, Cameron Lopez, Pine Ridge Thorpes โ€œDog Poundโ€, Ken Carpio, Bonnie Brown, Bailey Pourier, Melinda & Kaden Jackson, Manny Munoz, Gustavo Munoz, Brian Starr, Holly Provost, Frank Star Comes Out, Monty Ghost Bear, Garfield Steele, Naomi & Jason Dillon, Jason Bettelyoun, Jhet Janis, Derek Lefthand, Jake Locus, Rob Tyon, Randi Gibbons, Derrick DeSersa, Jim Rodriguez, Wendy Bissonette, Andy Johnson, Gaelyn Rowland & Family, Robbie Lynn Ghost Bear & Family, Dan Clifford, Tyler Richards, Tyrees Red Owl & Family, Mike & Baby Mike Hernandez, Hunter Long, Casey Provost & Family, Casey Wayne Provost Jr & Family, Rikki & Kurt Fast Horse, Bobby Hernandez, Eagle Elk Families, Derrick DeSersa, Louis Winters & Family, Lisa Schrader, Susan Schrader, Bernadette Winters-Denny, Terry Two Bulls, Beau Big Crow & Family, Rick Palmier Sr & Family, Joe Swift Bird & Family, Mike Montoya, Chris Walking Eagle & Family, Shawn Higgins & Family, Irv Provost & Family, Hope Condon & Family, Chris Witt & Family, Chuck Ross, Jr. & Family, Richie Goings & Family, Millie Richards & Family, Two Lance Families, All Ranger Families, Monument Health Staff, Nurses, & Doctors, Black Hills Dialysis, I.H.S. Nurses & Doctors, and All Nieces, Nephews, Friends, & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with the Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD.