Master Gardener Tips June 3, 2024


By Katie Markheim, Nebraska Extension Master Gardener

It’s time to plant. Some veggies are friends, some foes. So, what’s the big deal about companion planting? This is Katie Markheim, Nebraska Extension Master Gardener, here to share some fun facts.

  • Root crops (tubers like carrots or potatoes) can break up soil compaction and aerate.
  • Plant radishes and carrots side by side to save garden space.
  • Manage weeds and improve soil health by growing multiple successions of crops in the same space such as lettuce, spinach, basil followed by peppers or tomatoes.
  • Deep rooted crops, like melons & tomatoes, pull water and nutrients from the deeper soil profile.
  • Plants can physically support one another.  For example, corn paired with squash and beans.
  • Manage insect pests through trap or repellent crops like marigolds.